Who Says You Don’t Have Time to Watch Your Favorite TV Shows?

By: Joanne Serrieh

From personal experience, I can say that college students rarely have time to watch TV because of the crazy schedules that we have. We’re usually running from one class to another, then we go to work, then do homework and study, then possibly have a little spare time to eat, drink and sometimes we actually get some sleep! How many times have you heard about a new TV show premiering soon and in the back of your mind you are hoping to fit in sometime to watch it? I know this has happened to me many times and usually I ended up watching a few episodes here and there but I rarely watched a whole season. I eventually found a way to deal with this dilemma. Just how I set aside some of my time for shopping, the gym or what ever else I try to do during the little free time that I have, I usually set aside my Fridays (or at least parts of my Fridays) for catching up on some of my favorite TV shows.

Life can be very stressful with all the responsibilities and deadlines that we have to deal with on a daily basis but trust me, it feels really good to take some time and just be lazy to watch a show or two! Since most of us have some kind of DVR there is no reason for you to miss any of your favorite shows. Even if you do not have a DVR there are many websites that have almost every TV show out there so you can watch it whenever you want, with little to no commercials even! At the same time, try to stick with only a few shows, maybe up to three at a time, so that you do not feel like you are wasting too much time if you have more important things to do, like studying.

I personally try to stick with no more than two shows per season. Currently I am hooked on the latest season of The Bachelor. This is a reality show about…a bachelor…who is trying to narrow down a group of women who live together in one house so that he can find the perfect one to be his wife. This show airs Monday nights but since I have a busy schedule during the week I just catch the week’s episode online and watch it on Fridays, almost a whole week later from the original air date. Waiting a while may cause some problems because you might accidentally come across a spoiler on social media websites but you just have to be careful with what you are reading if you really care. Around the time The Bachelor will be over, another one of my show obsessions will start with the premiere of The Voice in March. The Voice is a very entertaining singing talent show with four judges whom happen to be some of my favorite musicians: Adam Levine, Blake Shelton, Shakira, and Usher. This is also a Monday show with the results show on Tuesdays. Again, I will most likely be watching the episodes on Fridays unless I happen to not have important things to do, which is rarely ever especially on a Monday or Tuesday night.

Try it out yourself if you do not already do this. Set aside a little time for watching some TV shows or even some movies during the week to take your mind off of the stressful lives that we have. Do not neglect your priorities in life but at the same time do not forget that it is always a good thing to give yourself some “me time” here and there. It’s just all about time management.

Joanne Serrieh is a kssu.com DJ. 

Twitter: @JoanneSerrieh


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