NBA Midseason Report


Time has seemed to pass us by at the speed of light, and we’re already past the All-Star Break. I gave you guys my pre-season NBA Playoff Predictions and now that we’re halfway through the season, lets take a look where I currently stand.

October Predictions:
Eastern Conference:
1.Miami Heat
2.Indiana Pacers
3.Boston Celtics
4.Philadelphia 76ers
5.New York Knicks
6.Chicago Bulls
7.Brooklyn Nets
8.Atlanta Hawks

Western Conference:
1.Oklahoma City Thunder
2.Los Angeles Lakers
3.San Antonio Spurs
4.Los Angeles Clippers
5.Memphis Grizzles
6.Denver Nuggets
7.Dallas Mavericks
8.Golden State Warriors

Actual Standings

Eastern Conference
1.Miami Heat
2.New York Knicks
3.Indiana Pacers
4. Brooklyn Nets
5.Chicago Bulls
6.Atlanta Hawks
7.Boston Celtics
8.Milwaukee Bucks

Western Conference
1.San Antonio Spurs
2.Oklahoma City Thunder
3.Los Angeles Clippers
4.Memphis Grizzles
5.Denver Nuggets
6.Golden State Warriors
7.Utah Jazz
8.Houston Rockets

I’m a little off with my seedings, but I’m 13 of 16 in picking the actual playoff teams. Who would’ve thought the Milwaukee Bucks would still be holding down the eighth seed with half a season to play? Certainly not this writer. I am quite shocked that the Lakers have slid as far as they have. They were supposed to be a lock for the Conference Finals this year, and let every Laker fan alive tell the story, they should’ve been handed the Larry O’Brien trophy the minute they traded for Dwight Howard this past summer. Someone please make sense of this!

There are a couple of questions I would like to ask going forward:

1. What in the hell is wrong with Deron Williams?
He’s fat and playing like crap this season. I can’t remember the last time I would take Chris Paul over D-Will, but I sure would this season. CP3 is playing lights out (when he’s on the court anyway) and just took home the All Star Game MVP after dropping 15 dimes. Meanwhile D-Will’s jumpshot is flat and he’s forgotten how to pass. The way Brooklyn has looked regardless of his play leaves me to wonder if they could be a higher seed with the Deron Williams of Utah.

2. Is Boston’s time finally up?
It’s tough to say at this point, because the C’s are good for a late season run after deliberately conserving their energy in the first half. This has to be the last hurrah, being that Jesus Shuttlesworth (Ray Allen) has left for South Beach, and the Kevin Garnett trade rumors to the Clippers seem to get louder and louder with each passing day.

3. Can the Miami Heat repeat as champions?
I think it’s very possible, especially after watching Lebron’s magical run this past month. The Eastern Conference is very different from last season, and much stronger with the emergence of the New York Knicks and the resurgence of the Brooklyn Nets. Throw the Indiana Pacers in the mix and you have a gauntlet of teams that can make it very tough for the Heatles to go back to back. Don’t forget the Chicago Bulls in there either. Personally, I think they have the best chance to dethrone the Heat, even without Derrick Rose. They play a slow-down, grind it out game, something you need in the postseason, and can match up defensively with Miami better than anyone in the East. It also doesn’t hurt that Joakim Noah hates their guts.

4. Where will the Sacramento Kings land?
Last, but most certainly not least, the last chapter of the Sacramento Kings moving saga will be written come April. The Board of Governors will meet close to the end of the season to decide the fate of the fleeting franchise. If Kevin Johnson hasn’t gathered enough capital via investors by then, we can kiss the team goodbye. I have heard reports of billionaire Ron Burkle being on board with the investment group, so we can’t be counted out just yet. It is looking bleak though as the Maloofs filed for relocation to Seattle last week. Mayor Johnson needs to deliver this championship to the city, unlike he did for Phoenix against MJ and the Bulls back in 93′, or we’re doomed to a life of Rivercats baseball and the Sacramento Railroad Museum -______-

This first half has been rather interesting, with plenty of story lines to go around. I didn’t even touch on Derrick Rose’s comeback, Josh Smith possibly getting traded, or even the San Antonio Spurs running away with the first seed in the West…again. We’ll see how these scenarios play out as we look forward to my favorite time of the sports calendar and I’ll put up my NBA Playoffs and Finals predictions on my NBA regular season wrap up post in April.


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