Random Questions Answered By Bettina Cross

Some random questions, answered, for you to get to know me:

1. What was your first cd and what would you tell your past-self about having owned that cd?

cassette freak nasty

The first Cassette tape I remember buying was “Da Dip” by Freak Nasty. Yes, I am an 80’s baby so by the time I could afford music for myself they still had the small RCA cassette tapes that you could self-rewind with reflective brownish black ribbon that could become increasingly messy and a hassle if it became unwound. The song was made famous by a very unique but annoying hook: “I put my hand up on yo hip, when I dip you dip we dip, I put your hand up on my hip, when I dip you dip we dip. . .” What I would have had told myself now that I didn’t know then was that even though it was a top #1 song for a long time and was popular among friends, the song was a single- he never made a full CD and that was something I should have taken into consideration before purchasing. I should have saved my money and kept it in my pocket because he became a one hit wonder.

“If you ain’t dippin you must be trippin”-Freak Nasty

2. Why is college radio awesome?



Well, there are several reasons why college radio is so awesome. First, they provided me with my own show and medium to expose my thoughts and commentary to the general public and online world. There is much variety to what can be heard. College radio gives you the chance to embrace and be a part of cultural diversity. College radio gives you the opportunity to see artists, radio hosts, musicians and others being broadcast in their prime or adolescent stage. Many currently or previously famous people began in college radio. It is a way you can be discovered; receive cool internships, and is a great way to see the future at work. College radio is awesome because it allows students to get involved with the communications surrounding them and makes them aware of current issues. Last but not the least, college radio is awesome because you can receive concert tickets, movie passes, event tickets and other cool things, so tune in any time on kssu.com!

3. What are your top 5 favorite movie soundtracks and why?

1. Addams Family Values– M.C. Hammer was still on hit lists at the time and the song “The Addams Family “was the ish. “They do what they want to do, say what they want to say, play how they want to play…. The Addams Family!” Plus that movie is AWESOME, I thought I was Wednesday from the movie, Gomez was hot to me and Fester was weird; but redeemed himself by making light, placing a light bulb in his mouth.

2. Purple Rain– Well I am a HUGE Prince fan. I love every song he’s made. Motorcycles are sexy, so is he. It was a great 80’s film. Plus, you can’t go wrong anywhere in the soundtrack. All other comments are explicit and I wasn’t provided a explicit warning to paste on here 😉

3. Waiting to Exhale– Yes, a complete chick flick, but let’s keep it real the movie is great! The soundtrack consists of well-known artists, soulful singers, and has a song to relate to almost every relationship moment. Plus the soundtrack featured old groups I grew up on that are no longer together like TLC.

4. Set it Off– This movie had the hit song “Let It Go”. At the time everyone was into the artist Tamia. We all thought her album would do well and she would go far. It did for a while, however, it dwindled and the world has suffered ever since.

5. Ghostbusters–  Well duh, “Who you gunna call?” “I ain’t afraid of no ghost!” 80’s baby classic syndrome strikes again! From cartoon to movie production, I grew up on the crew and ghouls and I can never get enough of that movie or song! “Now that’s who you call! Ghostbusters, I-I–I ain’t afraid of no ghost!”

Bettina Cross (Bee Tina) is a KSSU DJ. Listen to her show every Wednesdays 9-10pm only on www.kssu.com (press listen live button).


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