The Interview with Christie Pierce by Bettina Cross

Christie Pirtece of H.A.R.T., a bullying-awareness campaign, came on to my show on KSSU for an exclusive interview. The interview with  Pierce was enlightening, informative and very hopeful for change to an important movement nationwide. The H.A.R.T. Campaign was designed as a bully awareness outreach program online, an open forum where people can discuss their encounters, talk over solutions and have a place of commonality with others.


The HART Force: “H.A.R.T. is a nonprofit campaign advocating for the Awareness, have Respect and work Together to take a stand against bullying on our school campuses. In order to make a difference, it is up to the community to have a H.A.R.T. and . . . change the beat.

Their Mission Statement

“H.A.R.T. aims to foster Hope, create Awareness, promote Respect and accomplish this Together through online mediums, cultural programs and community events. Through the pillars of H.A.R.T we work towards establishing a foundation for understanding the effects of bullying and actively preventing it.”

In talking with Pierce he explained that this was a fairly new project that he and four other colleagues created to support the anti-bully awareness movement. With a target age of 12-19 years old, I congratulated him on reaching out to the beginning age of change and transition, to the prime age of early adulthood. At those age groups youth need the most support in channeling their emotions and self-esteem toward others.

We also discussed how reality television, social media and technology play a huge role in bullying and ways to reach out to others against it. Pierce also encouraged people to confront their assailant. He also reviewed how essential it is to make a trusted person or authority aware of the situation. The most important topic we touched on was that bullying can be stopped and that no one is alone in the process.

The most exciting segment of the show was when I officially became a part of the movement and signed the pledge live on-air! In closing I read the letter H.A.R.T created for bully’s.

The Letter:

Dear Bully,

Today we take a stand. Not with the violence, not with the hate but together. We are stronger, but in character. We are bigger, not in size but in heart. We do not wish harm upon you, only forgiveness for past injustices.

Today we have H.A.R.T. and today we challenge you to do the same.

[Your name]

The interview was a very positive and righteous opening to a new season. Much thanks to Christie Pierce for coming on and introducing the H.A.R.T Campaign.

Follow the H.A.R.T. Foundation at

 Bettina Cross (Bee Tina) is a KSSU DJ. Listen to her shows Wednesdays 9pm-10pm!


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