I Went to a Baseball Game, but a Hockey Game Broke Out

sac state hornets

As you can probably tell from the title, this is going to be about baseball. That’s right, Sac State Baseball is back at home and they took the field with a bang. Literally. In the home opener at The John (John Smith Field), UC Riverside’s Eddie Young was caught in a pickle between Second baseman Andrew Ayers and Third Baseman Will Soto. As Young was tagged out between second and third, he tried to grab the glove of Ayers. To get his glove out of the grasp of Young, Ayers gave a little push to Young and that is when it all broke out. It was the punch heard ’round the world as Young turned around and decked Ayers in the face. Ayers ate it like a boxer in the ring as he threw punches back at Young. As that fight ensued, Will Soto then came to the defense of Ayers and grabbed and slammed Young to the ground as Catcher Dane Fujinaka came to help out Soto. That is when the benches cleared and chaos broke out. Coach Reggie Christianson was trying to break everything up and after talking to a couple players about his reaction, it seems he wasn’t mad at all. Sutter McLoughlin was saying that after the brawl was over and everything settled down it was just a normal game again. After the game, he says Christianson was not the least bit mad. He said he was proud of them for sticking up for one another and protecting each other. After the brawl, Ayers and Young were suspended for the next 4 games as well as Riverside Catcher Drake Zarate and relief pitcher Zach Varela for their involvement in the bench clearing brawl in that third inning of opening day play at the John. Check out video of the fight here.


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