But He’s Justin Bieber!

 “But He’s Justin Bieber!”

By: Joanne Serrieh

Justin Bieber, the teenage-heartthrob who has stolen young girls’ hearts since he was only 13, has seen better days than the past few weeks. Recently he has been faced with so many problems ranging from paparazzi encounters to being extremely late starting his show. He even collapsed on stage during another one of his shows. Bieber also canceled one of two concerts that were supposed to take place in Portugal.


Justin Bieber during the paparazzi encounter.

Justin Bieber shot to fame at such a young age and became a star over night thanks to his manager Scooter Braun and of course Usher. Justin Bieber built a strong army of loyal “Beliebers” over the years who continue to support him even through the hard times that he is currently going through. It seems like now everyone except those “Beliebers” have forgotten all of the successful accomplishments that Bieber has had over the years and are only focusing on the past month or so.

Justin Bieber knew if he is going to set the bar high from the beginning he will be expected to go beyond it to meet his fans’ expectations. At the same time, Justin Bieber is a human being and people should give him a break! Yes Justin Bieber has it all and more but there is only so much that he can handle. He can not go to any public place just for fun without paparazzi or fans chasing him everywhere. The encounter that Bieber had with a paparazzo last week was a result of Bieber basically being taunted by the paparazzi and that caused him to snap; a normal reaction that any human being would have. Some may argue that he could have handled it differently. This is true; however, if one thinks about all the years that Beiber has put up with this we would expect a far worse reaction.

At this point Justin Bieber is paying a far more expensive price than others for being famous. He is expected to be this perfect robotic being who keeps making music. He has to forget about having this thing called a normal private life. Such a thing does not exist in a “Belieber” world. This blog post was not originally intended to be a defense piece for the Biebs but it is just a different point of view for what he has been going through. Reading some of the articles that have been published in the past few weeks about Bieber makes it seem like all of the tabloids and critics have ganged up on him but Justin Bieber always talks about how grateful he is for his loyal “Beliebers.” He will definitely get back on his so that he does not disappoint his fans and to continue doing what he loves.


Justin Bieber

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