Dubstep: Myths And Realities

While it is true that Dubstep’s fan base -as well as the audience of the entire EDM spectrum–is multiplying at an uncontrollable rate, it still is probably one of the most misunderstood music genres of our time. Few people on the “outside” seem to have an understanding of what it is, and what it stands for. The same uneducated misconceptions are perpetuated by all those who “hate” dubstep. But I am here to tell you that what the haters say is WRONG! Here are just a few of the follies spewed by the naysayers:

1. “Dubstep isn’t real music.” FALSE. People who say this are often people who listen to Pop, Rock, R & B, and Rap. Unbeknownst to a large percentage of the fans of these genres, these forms of music are almost always as synthesized as any form of Electronica. Just because you hear a piano or a violin does NOT mean that someone sat down and recorded themselves playing a tangible instrument. While this is not true in ALL instances, music-making technology has become so advanced that you don’t need to buy a guitar to add a guitar solo. For a producer, this is cheaper, faster, easier, and almost no one will know the difference. Dubstep celebrates the advancement of such technologies, instead of trying to fool you.

UKF is one of the biggest EDM promotion and distribution companies in the world. They can almost single-handedly be thanked for the wildfire spread of Dubstep.

UKF is one of the biggest EDM promotion and distribution companies in the world. They can almost single-handedly be thanked for the wildfire spread of Dubstep.

2. “Anybody can make a Dubstep track.” FALSE. Making any form of electronically-generated music requires a considerable amount of technical know-how, incredible attention to detail, originality, creativity, and patience. Try downloading some software, I dare you. Fruity Loops or Ableton or the like. Can you figure out how to use it right away? Unless you are VERY familiar with audio editing software or audio production lingo, chances are that it will take you a very long time to figure out how to make a full-length track. And even when you do, without knowing the structure of a Dubstep track, everyone will know you have no idea what you are doing. Come on. People are not that stupid.

3. “All Dubstep fans do is go to raves and do drugs.” Never has a more-false statement been said. Are all Country fans white, Conservative racists that run around in overalls in the mud and sleep with their cousins? Are all Rap fans disrespectful of women? Does every Punk Rock fan cover themselves in tattoos and piercings, starting riots and vandalizing property? I myself have never been to a rave, and my experience with drugs is limited at best. Why can’t someone just enjoy music without being put into a category?

4. ” There is nothing musical about Dubstep. It’s just a bunch of random noises.” I could make the same argument about Beethoven  While Dubstep is a genre that allows for enormous creativity, some drops can get intricate, causing the “random noise” myth. Samples are painstakingly picked to cultivate just the right sound, and the rise and fall of each drop has its own pattern. Not every song has to be “One! Two! Three! Four! One! Two…” Metal and often some acoustic genres can get pretty free-form, too. If nothing else, Dubstep’s got a steady beat. That in and of itself is the very base of ALL music.

5. “All Dubstep sounds the same.” FALSE, FALSE, FALSE, FALSE, FALSE! This is perhaps the most ignorant claim of all.  Yes, many tracks sound similar, but there is an enormous difference between an artist such as Excision, and the supposed ” face” of Dubstep, Skrillex. I could also say that all Metal sounds the same, or all Country, or all Hip Hop. The spectrum of styles in the Dubstep pool are just as vast as any other genre. There is Dubstep that samples old Blues songs, Dubstep that channels Reggae tracks, Dubstep that is infused with Metal, Dubstep that sounds more like Ambient sound. There is Chillstep, Drumstep, Melodic, Filthy…you name it. There are more types of Dubstep than there are countries in Africa.

The popular Dubstep and Drumstep producer Zomboy. Watch out--he'll be coming out of YOUR kids' speakers next.

The popular Dubstep and Drumstep producer Zomboy. Watch out–he’ll be coming out of YOUR kids’ speakers next.

My advise to all the haters out there: before you put down an entire genre and rapidly-growing culture, at least get educated. Know the object of your disdain. “Don’t knock it till you try it,” would be a good way to put it. You don’t have to like it, but you should never tell anyone that their taste in anything is bad unless you can back it up with logical reason. And you can’t do that unless you legitimately know what you’re talking about. So please, unless you have something rational to say, keep your comments to yourself.

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  1. Richard Milenkovich says:

    There are to things that dubstep is missing to make it actual music, skill and feeling

  2. Anonymous says:

    if you get the good dubstep that gives you the goosebumps
    play this song
    Marion Band$ – Hold Up
    Crizzly Remix

  3. Anonymous says:

    A lot of this stuff is true, but there are actually people saying that people whom listen to dubstep, are on drugs and rave!!?! I’m a 12 year old girl who listens to dubstep and appreciates it. I am on no drugs, whatsoever!

  4. 1. as someone to have a liking for a great variety of music I can tell you that although you can call everything music technically it is not actual music. It has no soul, no message, does not jumpstart any emotion inside you (except maybe the sensation of the last hangover)
    2. yes it is true. Anyone can do one. It does not take the years needed to master an instrument, it does not need for you to have an understanding of musical concepts. All you need is a computer a program and some time. It may not be something the dubstep followers like, but is extremely easy to make nevertheless.
    Note: when I was in college and had more time I used fruity loops a lot. Is extremely easy to use (as long as ou know english) and you can create an easy negative in 15 minutes tops. No creativity no tehnical knowledge needed.
    3. Agree, but a large procentage of dubstep fans do those things. A stereotype usually gets born from something at least partially real.
    5. True. But all dubstep gives me a splitting headache and makes me feel as if I am after a night a heavy drinking (the hangover effect)

    And basically this is the most important thing about dubstep: it damages your brain. Just as the tv it puts you into a trance like state where you look into someone’s eyes and they are not home. It has the same effect as drugs to the brain. It damages it heavily. And the repetitive noise actually causes headaches to anyone that is not already so much damaged from listening to that crap that they are permanently in that state.

    • Bulls***. Dub step conveys a specific theme or message. Just because you don’t like it does not mean it is stupid. It does take musical skill to create a good song, just because it does not take as long to learn to play an instrument does not make it any less music. The whole “raves and drugs” thing esteemed from a few isolated incidents, so it is unfair, and to be blunt, stupid to say that that is common. As for it damaging your brain, that is bs. It stimulates your brain the same as any other type of music. Saying that it damages your brain the same as drugs simply shows that you are either making things up to suit your argument, you believe everything you are told , are you put stock in biased “studies”. So which are you, the liar, the gullable person, or the idiot?

  5. Very true! I like listening to all the details added into the song. I could go on and on but it will take forever.


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