When Being Social Makes You Suffer


Are you overly social to the point of your studies suffering? While attending school there are several distractions that can cause you to become easily off topic. The main one is being over-social. Although, this may not be the topic for everyone, majority would agree. Being overly social can definitely affect your study habits.

I am a very energetic, fun going person; sometimes can be seen as the light of a crowd. I love to be around friends and the practice of leisure is what I do best. However, I am a very focused and driven person as well. Balancing the two disciplines from time to time have conflict interchanging. For instance, when approached with the choice of having the whole weekend off to myself to study, blog and catch up on homework is always a great plan/idea but has yet to follow through. The actuality of the fact is I am either going to seek tasks to distract me or I’m not going to hesitate in indulging in the distraction. Here’s a sample conversation in my present life:

(The scene opens up. Its Saturday morning (which means 12pm or later to me). I am in bed contemplating on moving. Suddenly the phone rings)

Me: Hello

Friend: Hey girl! What you up to?

Me: I’m lying down.

Friend: What you doing today?

Me: Nothing.

Friend: Want to hang out?

Me: Hell yea let me take a shower and then I’m on my way

Hmm, now previously stated I had the whole weekend off which I planned on devoting to studying. However once that phone rang all productive ideas got thrown completely out of the window. In my circumstance if I am devoting a whole 48 hours (which in actuality might only be 22) between the two days means that I am completely behind and trying to catch up on things last minute. This is a prime example of how being social or even overly open to the social idea can make your studies suffer. In my case I know that I like to take my time and not be rushed doing things. If I get up at 12 pm I am not probably leaving the house until 1:30 pm, which means I’ll be reaching my friend at close to 3 pm from various stops and side tracking and won’t be home later that Saturday evening around 7 pm. Now this is a typical weekend for me. Once home I try to unwind and refocus back on my studying. This works for another hour or so until the next event happens:

(The curtain rises. Its Saturday evening (which means 8:45-9:15 pm for me). I am in living room multitasking; reading, watching a movie, doing laundry, and taking notes. Suddenly the phone rings.)

Me: Hello

Friend: Hey girl! What you up to?

Me: Nothing.

Friend: Want to hang out? Maybe go to the club?

Me: Hell yea let me take a shower and then I’m on my way.

Here we go once again. Now I probably had 30-45 minutes of actual studying time. At this point I’m playing hooky and praying to God I can wake up late enough in the morning to try to get back on task and finish early enough to wake up and go to work in the morning. So once again the saga continues. It’s not like I had planned to go out but in my mind I deserve it. I am young, free, enjoying life and feel entitled to a little nightlife after a week well worked. Wrong again!

(Closing of scene I, curtain rises on scene II. Its Sunday mid-morning (which means 10-1 1am for me). I have a face of defeat and three bands of evidence around my wrist. I can smell and taste everything that went down my throat that night. I am praying for a recovery. The phone rings.)

Me: Hello (in a deep dark and distorted tone)

Friend: Hey girl! What you up to?

Me: Nothing.

Friend: What you doing today?

Me: Nothing. Imma Call you back….. (Call drops (I hung up))

After about three hours later, some Vitamin water, a nap and a prayer, I’m back! Though bright lights and food isn’t the main thing on my mind as much as hydration, I’m in it to win it. At this time I am studying at a slow and sturdy pace. I’m organizing my thoughts into action when I decide to side track myself and complete another task. Such as: clean my rooms, wash my car, do the dishes, make dinner and do everything I could have spread out between the two days.

At the end of the weekend I have five hours of actual study time, I haven’t fully retained everything. I am unprepared and haven’t slept enough so I’m agitated at work. This is a prime example and a typical weekend that many can relate to. There is a major lesson to be learned here that over time I have grew to came and realize. Don’t prioritize socializing over key tasks in your success. Had I got up early and got everything out of the way I would have been prepared and not suffering for my actions. I would have not felt guilty for going out and not had felt distracted and my studies would not have suffered. These examples are when being over social goes wrong and causes suffering in the end.


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