How To Seem High-Maintenance Without Really Trying

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Spring is here…which means Spring Break and soon, summer! While those who have committed beaus will spend this time cuddling and bonding, all the single ladies (and fellas, for that matter) are on the prowl! But while there are some great catches out there, there are also a few undesirables (i.e. no job, no car, sweats every day) who most women would prefer to steer clear of. On the contrary, many women find they do not attract the type of man they hope for.

Without seeming superficial, looks actually kinda do matter.  What you wear and how well you take care of yourself often dictates your friends, your job, and almost certainly your dating life.  However, I have found that it’s not always about the labels that come on your clothes, but the illusion of something out of a magazine.  So if you REALLY wanna get the guy with the brand new car and the iPhone*, here’s how to fake your way to seeming on their level.

1. Get the “latest styles” in footwear. When I mean “latest styles,” I purposefully mean those quotation marks.  Look at what the people with your ideal look are wearing.  Do they have Converse?  Uggs?  Jimmy Choos?  For the most part, there is a much cheaper knockoff for just about every style, and when you’re on the Starving College Student budget, you can’t always get the latest and greatest in designer footwear.  Find a basic yet convincing knockoff at Payless, Famous Footwear, or maybe even get the real thing at a discounted price at stores like Marshall’s or TJMaxx.

2. Rework your wardrobe. Without spending ANY money, you can actually come up with cute looks out of your own closet.  As obvious as this may sound, this could be as simple as wearing a different shirt with your skirt (DUH!).  You know those semi-formal blouses you have tucked away, gathering dust, waiting for the next job interview?  Wear them with black leggings or your normal jeans.  Not only will you look like you have a much nicer set of clothes, but you will also look like you have somewhere important to be, which many men of taste find to be extremely attractive.

3. Accessorize. I don’t mean wear a ring on every finger, but the difference between a watch and no watch can be huge.  Put in some earrings.  Wear a ring.  Accessories cost money, which you will look like you have a lot more of if you can afford a decent necklace or two.  Jewelry doesn’t have to be expensive, either.  I’ve actually found some decent stuff at places like Tilly’s or Rue 21.  Not everything is gonna look classy or appropriate, but you can easily find basic accessories that fit your tight budget.

4. Wear makeup. As shallow as this may seem, you must understand where I’m coming from.  Those who wear the appropriate makeup often look more polished than those who don’t.  This is optional based on your own personal preferences, of course.  All you really need is some liquid eyeliner, mascara, and your favorite bronzer on your eyelids. Also make sure your nails are painted.

5. Smell good.  ALWAYS.  If you are going to be within any close proximiy to people, make sure you smell not only clean, but sweet.  Find a decent body spray at Bath & Body Works, or a good knockoff of your favorite designer scent at the local drug store.  Hint: Around the holidays, retail stores will often have the real deal on sale for reasonable prices.

6. Get a “Hermione Granger” bag. Nothing says “I’m important and spend all day doing important things” than a stylish bag that holds everything in your house and then some.  They don’t have to be pricey, either.  I have found basic bags that do the trick at places as obvious as WalMart or Target.  In this case, it’s about choosing colors and patterns rather than brand.

7. Hang around expensive stores and actually buy something, even if it’s a candy bar. It takes a lot of guts to walk into Nordstrom’s knowing you can’t afford a single thing there.  But the type of men who have the nice car and clothes are going to be the ones who shop a such fancy-shmancy boutiques.  Go in with the intent to buy SOMETHING, even if all you get out of it is a pair of socks.  Regardless of what you buy, the employees will instantly respect you slightly more, and so will the surrounding patrons.  Go to Starbucks and get tea.  Browse the Apple Store a bit before buying earbuds.  Don’t be afraid to ask about merchandise, and give off the impression that you just haven’t found what you’re looking for.  Confident, assertive women who know what they want are highly sought-after in this day and age.

8. Don’t be embarrassing. You can have the clothes, shoes, smell nice, and get a cute boy in Armani to buy your latté, but that all goes out the window once you act like “commonfolk.” Regardless of their true inner desires, those of higher affluence tend to have egos that cause them to believe that they are above quirky behavior.  This is not to say don’t be yourself, but don’t blow your nose loudly in a restaurant or crack your knuckles at the bar.  Avoid language that reveals financial standings, crude topics, or unpopular tastes or views. Be aware of your behavior and convince yourself that you ARE on their level.

Remember, don’t lose or change yourself for a guy.  If you like stripes, wear stripes.  If you like bright colors, go for it. If you hate polyester tops, avoid it. Just keep in mind that you, too, are worthy of great eye candy this spring.

*Author’s note: Not guaranteed to work. In fact, it may not work at all. Nothing is gonna get you better results than to be who you truly are and to pick someone who will treat you right. Don’t rely on the media to tell you what to buy and who to date. Only you can prevent yourself from becoming jaded.

I’m Selenium and my show, Party Rock Shock, is on every Wednesday 4pm PST. For more info, like me on Facebook, follow me on Twitter and Tumblr, and DUBscribe to my YouTube! See you Wednesday and never be sorry for party rocking!



  1. High maintenance women are usually very stuck up.

  2. I am working towards being a high maintenance woman. I like the ideas of looking the part even if you are on a small budget.
    Also, the idea of hanging out at places where rich people go, so you can met the RICH man of your dreams.
    I read a book that talked about how to get a rich guy, and one thing it suggested was, getting an apartment in a building were upper class people would live, but get a “one bedroom” or studio, plus a roommate who is also looking for a rich guy.
    The gal that wrote the book, met her Prince Charming in the elevator, and now lives in the penthouse with her new husband.

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