Hot New Music for Anyone Who Enjoys Having Fun

Hey all,

My name is DJ Doza and I am a DJ of mostly rap music for KSSU this Spring. I am writing this short blog to tell you all about one of my favorite acts in music right now. In the future, I will most likely stick to discussing rap music, but right now I just have to tell you about my friend’s awesome band that is blowing up real big, you gotta check him out.

His name is Ricky Reed and he is the lead singer/mastermind/quintessential doodoo face GENIUS behind the massively gargantuan super-group called “Wallpaper.

Wallpaper. is coming at you all the way from North Oakland with a full range of funky dance tracks to get any party going. I first heard them back in 2009 when I experienced the “T-Rex” for the first time (still a hit song of theirs). You might know them for such hit singles from MTV’s Jersey Shore like “F***ing Best Song Everrr” and “#Stupidfacedd” Or maybe you have heard the latest single, “Good 4 It,” which is fresh outta the studio comin’ at you “from the ocean flo’ to the liquor sto.'” Maybe you heard it on VH1’s “Wicked Single” this week even- if you are really cool and can afford cable television. (see lyric video below)

Anyway, I hope you all get a chance to check out cousin Ricky Reed and Wallpaper. @radio now! In fact, you should youtube search “Wallpaper.” right now and just see if you can stop yourself from pouring yourself a “super soaker filled with 4loker + SoCo” and dancing around your room in your underwear (or start with viewing the videos I conveniently placed on this blog).

If you, like any sane person, find the beats infectious and the hooks oddly sing-able, be sure to download the entire “Wallpaper.” library at itunes, catch them at a local show (Ricky loves the local spot called Ace of Spades), and of course, tune into my show, “Mostly Rap Music” with me, DJ Doza, Thursday nights at 9pm at

Have fun dancing and happy Spring Break to all!

In an attempt,

@DJ Doza



  1. “Good 4 It” is such a catchy song! There’s actually a Spotify contest going on right now with it, where Ricky will actually end up picking the final winner. Pretty rad if you ask me!!

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