Say What About a Food Truck?

krush burgers

Man, I will never forget that first bite.  The food trucks were lined up in the parking lot, just outside my work that cool February night.  My co-worker, a veteran food truck customer, or “Truckie,”  had been talking about this one truck in particular; Krush Burger.  That night Krush Burger was there, and it didn’t disappoint.  As my teeth sank into my first Krush Burger, my life was forever changed.  I was now a Truckie.

Food trucks have been an American staple for decades now, but recently they have really under gone an evolution of sorts.  For so long food trucks were those dirty, grimy looking things that showed up at construction sites or factories to feed the workers during lunch breaks.  And while those trucks still exist today, a new generation of food trucks has emerged.  This generation has moved be the roach coach image and is seeking to bring in the masses.  With cleaned up and painted trucks that are sure to catch anyone’s eye, these new food trucks have truly become restaurants on wheels.  There are trucks for every appetite and taste preference imaginable.  Some trucks boast more traditional foods like burgers, hot dogs, and even southern comfort food, while others have down-right innovative menus.  Ever thought of combining pulled pork and grilled onions with mac n’ cheese on a sandwich? Well Drewski’s has got you covered (it’s delicious by the way).  Speaking of mac n’ cheese, don’t you think adding bacon would make it better? What about wrapping it in bacon? Bacon Mania can deliver on that (bacon makes everything better really).  Perhaps you’re more of a burger person? Well spice that burger up at OMG Burger (they have pink tacos too! Amazing!).

krush burger

As you can see I’ve provided links to many of these truck’s Facebook pages where you can figure out on the daily where they are going to be.  Every few days they come together in one location for a few hours for what they like to call a “Food Truck Mania.”  These manias are great time, providing an almost small time carnival feel to them and of course, great food.  Come out by yourself, or bring friends, you won’t be disappointed.  They are even a creative date idea, one that will surely impress whoever has your eye as you walk among the food trucks trying new things and meeting friendly people.  In reality you can’t go wrong going to one of these manias.  Want to know where they’re going to be and when?  Easy, follow SacToMoFo on Facebook, they help organize these events and always post where the manias will be, days and sometimes weeks in advance.

Food trucks today are becoming rooted into their communities, and no matter what city you go to, you’re sure to find some food trucks somewhere, dishing out great food.  Some food trucks have enjoyed such great successes that have even moved on to opening an actual restaurant.  But don’t worry, they aren’t letting success get to their heads.  Many of these roving subsistence providers are giving back to the community that supports them.  They have set up shop at hospitals and charities for an afternoon or evening and donated all proceeds to the organizations.  They generate awareness for causes by not only advertising their events, but also by showing up at these events and bringing their loyal followers with them.  Food trucks don’t only provide delicious food for the people, but they are also a representation of community and the American culture we all know and love.



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