Choosing Health As You Age

If you saw me today, you wouldn’t believe there was a point in my life I weighed 173 lbs., but there was.

The moment that changed for me was when one of my closest friends asked me to be one of her bridesmaids and because we’re all Asian, I knew my weight and 5-foot-5-inch stature would surely make me stand out like wheat on white rice.

I got myself down to 145 lbs. before the wedding in June, but please hold the applause because I am not quite done. Embarrassingly, I’ve regained almost half of the weight back and am now at 161 lbs.

So guess where I’m back at… the gym!

As we’re all getting older and getting busier, we must also recognize our bodies’ metabolism is slowing and regardless of how busy we are, we must make time to become active and make smarter food choices.

Losing weight is not easy. In the beginning, you’re always sore and easily agitated because nothing you eat is fulfilling. This is pretty much when you have to ask yourself, how much do you deserve to see yourself at your best?

Whenever I was at my lows during times of diet and exercise, I’ve always found that answering this question with a definitive I AM MOST DESERVING was like a little push past the relapse back to bad habits and bad food.

Goals, goals, goals.

The trick to getting fit, I’ve found, is not so much buying a bundle of supplements or getting a membership at the gym (although paying for something you aren’t using does motivate you to use it or lose it). Begin by setting realistic goals.

Setting realistic goals consisted of recording my weekly weight and setting monthly goals. Each month my goal was to drop 4-6 lbs. This acted as a visual check system for the times I didn’t eat “clean” enough or didn’t work hard at the gym.

“Eat to live, don’t live to eat.” Easier said than done, right?

The human body a hundred years ago, never put as much lactose, sodium, sugars and fats into our bodies as we’ve gotten into the habit of today. I learned this after watching “Hungry for Change.”

When I dieted the first time, I only bought fish, chicken and turkey for my proteins, purchased only whole-wheat carbohydrates and kicked up my servings of fruits and vegetables.

Oh, and the best advice I ever got was not skip breakfast!!!

If you’re not a breakfast person, have a granola and some juice or oatmeal and boiled egg whites. It’s like warming up your metabolism engine and keeps it from  going into starvation-mode for the day and holding on to the fat, or so I was told.

Think of your body as an addict, it craves all the sugar, the starchy and fatty foods because that’s pretty much all we’ve known since our early childhoods.

The first couple of months eating “clean” is treacherous because it’s like the detoxing phase, but once you make it to the third, everything becomes easier and eating bad doesn’t even become a thought.

Sammie's pic 1

So why listen to me when I fell off the wagon first time? The difference between me now and then is that I never really understood that it was a lifetime of change I was supposed to commit to. After reaching my goal and ending back at square one, I’m disgusted to see myself back here.

Now, whenever I ask myself how much do I deserve to see myself at my best, my answer is: I ALWAYS DESERVE TO SEE MYSELF AT MY BEST.

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