Aerrow Shapiro’s Record Club – April 2013 – Delta Machine by Depeche Mode (2013)

Show:    Aerrow Shapiro’s Hour of Power (Wednesdays @ 2 PM PT)
Twitter:    @KSSUShapiro (formerly @hourofpowerkssu)

About four years after the release of their last studio album, Sounds of the Universe, electronic band Depeche Mode released their 13th album entitled Delta Machine Delta Machine marks the band’s first album since signing to their new record labels Columbia Records and Sony Music.

Delta Machine (Deluxe Version)


The album’s lead single, “Heaven”, debuted at the end of January through VEVO with its accompanying music video. Digital singles and remix EPs were also released, with physical CD and vinyl formats made available at a later date.  The song is basically a Dave Gahan downtempo tune with blues-rock guitar and piano, owing to the band Soulsavers (Dave collaborated on their 2012 album The Light the Dead See).  Additionally, there are electronic textures present in the mix which maintain the band’s signature sound.  The album’s second single, “Soothe My Soul” (which made its premiere on Shaun Keaveny’s BBC Radio 6 morning show), is more electronic and harder sounding, with synthesizers and four-to-the-floor beats being more prominent. Some guitar is used notably in the choruses, where Dave sings the chorus and Martin L. Gore repeats the lines as well.

In addition to the two singles, there are a handful of highlights that make this album worth listening to.  One of the album’s songs, “Angel” (which made its debut in the in-studio montage released to the public in late 2012), showcases a blues influence with Dave’s vocals being most notable, along with some guitar parts that somewhat resemble their previous song, “I Feel You”.  “My Little Universe” provides another electronic mix of synth melodies and drum machine that seem reminiscent of their previous album, Sounds of the Universe, but in a more evolved and mature-sounding form.  Another highlight in the album is its seventh track, “Broken,” with the synthesizer and keyboard melodies standing out along with guitar added in some parts.

In conclusion, this album is worth checking out.  If the aforementioned songs are satisfying enough upon listening to them, I recommend the entire album, thus making this my album pick for April 2013.  That about wraps up my article for Aerrow Shapiro’s Record Club.  Tune in next time at around the first week of next month for another album pick.
Aerrow Shapiro is a DJ who hosts a weekly hour-long alt/indie show called Aerrow Shapiro’s Hour of Power, which currently airs on Wednesdays at 2 PM PT at  For more information you can check out the show on Facebook ( and on Twitter (@KSSUShapiro – note the change in the username).


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