Grandma’s Boy Soundtrack is Worth a Listen

If you haven’t seen Grandma’s Boy, it’s definitely a must-see (especially if you love stupid humor!).

The movie is about a mid-30 year old single man, Alex, who works as a tester at a video game company. Getting evicted out of his house with no place to live, his last choice is to move in with his grandma and her two old lady roommates.The cast includes Allen Covert playing Alex, Linda Cardellini, Peter Dante, Kevin Nealon, Nick Swardson, Jonah Hill, and Dorris Roberts playing Alex’s grandma.

gmas b



When I moved into my first house in Sacramento having no cable, and just a DVD player, the only movie I owned at the time was Grandma’s Boy. I would watch the movie 2 or even 3 times a day. After mastering every line in the movie, I also started noticing the music they played. Who would have thought that Grandma’s Boy would have such a great music! It was upbeat, fun and catchy. Using my Shazam app on my iPhone, I would always want to know who was singing these songs. Finally, I just looked up the album and downloaded them all.

The music featured on the album consists of rock, punk rock, rap, and pop. I was surprised to find that I actually knew some of these artists before listening to the songs. Not every song on the album is my favorite, but these  6 songs caught my attention throughout the movie:

“Another Day” by The Twenty Twos. Their music video is based off the movie featuring the cast of Grandma’s Boy. This song is featured in the opening credits and beginning of the film.

“Spinning” by Zion I

“Never Win” by Fischerspooner

“Meantime” by The Futureheads

“Dance to the Underground” by Radio 4

“Helicopter” by Bloc Party

The soundtrack album, Grandma’s Boy, was released January 3, 2006 and is currently still available to purchase in stores and online.


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