Album Review – There Is No Mountain

So if you haven’t heard, there is a cool new band in town.  Well, maybe not Sacramento, but not too long ago the band There Is No Mountain formed.  The band is comprised of the duo Matt Harmon and Kali Giaritta – formerly of The Ascetic Junkies.  Along with forming, they released a self-titled album.  For those unfamiliar with There Is No Mountain (and previously The Ascetic Junkies), their music is best classified as Americana.  Americana is often seen as a fusion of country, folk, and bluegrass, but it is a bit more than just that.  Really there are similarities, but Americana is not called country or bluegrass or even considered a subset of country, folk, or bluegrass for a reason – Americana is unique; its own genre.  There Is No Mountain is equally unique.

Sometimes our friends will ask what we are listening to.  To describe something they may never heard of, we may compare the artist to others who sound like it.  So if you were to ask me who There Is No Mountain sounds like, some comparable bands might be the Dirty Projectors or Buke and Gase.  Certainly some similarities can be drawn, but I am a firm believer that There Is No Mountain has a sound that is exceptionally unique and fun.

There Is No Mountain’s self-titled album is a great album from start to finish.  Avid fans of The Ascetic Junkies may have tried to draw comparisons from the old to the new, and of course there are certain stylistic tangibles that can be heard.  However, There Is No Mountain’s album clearly demonstrates to continuing evolution of their sound and music ingenuity.  There is much to be said of Matt Harmon’s guitar play that is captured quite well in track #8, The Valley.  One can’t stress the harmony in Kali Giaritta’s voice.  There Is No Mountain blends together a certain loved, cherished style from their previous musical endeavors, while incorporating sounds and a vibe it is hard to place a finger on but you just can’t help but enjoy.

Check out There Is No Mountain’s bandcamp to stream the album (and hopefully eventually purchase it).  And if you can’t get enough of There Is No Mountain, check out their tour schedule as well!  I definitely recommend listening to There Is No Mountain for anyone who enjoys Americana, but as well as many other genres such as R&B, country, folk, bluegrass, rock, and much more.  There is a little bit of everything in their sound that almost anyone can enjoy.  I especially recommend tracks #5 “Good News,” track #8 “The Valley,” and track #9 “I’m Not Convinced.”

There Is No Mountain

Check out music from There Is No Mountain and much much more on or use the TuneIn Radio app and search “KSSU DOTCOM” to listen!

You can hear more from Josue “Josh” Alvarez Mapp (a.k.a. DJ Mappquest) on Tuesdays 6-7 PM for his sports show and Fridays 8-10 PM for his music show.


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