More Dubstep Myths

dubstep kitty

As I have stated in a previous blog and probably will continue to state in future blogs, Dubstep is devastatingly misunderstood. I am constantly surprised by how little people know about it. Those who are unfamiliar are often (too) quick to open their mouths. Here are some of the things that dictate a facepalm:

1. “Dubstep? You mean like Deadmau5?” Deadmau5 is PROGRESSIVE HOUSE.  This music has an entirely different structure and rhythm altogether.

2. “Oh yeah I love Dubstep. I listen to Skrillex all the time!” Skrillex is to Dubstep what David Guetta is to House music: a GIANT SELL-OUT POP ARTIST.

3. “All the kids these days, listening to Dubstep and whatnot.” Dubstep is actually not as popular as it is perceived to be. When was the last time you saw somebody walking around with a Dodge & Fuski shirt? Dodge & Fuski are one of the foremost Dubstep groups of the day. Does anybody know who they are?

4. “Dub Step”. ONE WORD. Sorry.

What some people say about dubstep.

What some people say about dubstep.

5. “Dubstep is just a bunch of sound effects thrown together.”  If it was actually that bad, do you think it would be that popular?  And if it was that easy, wouldn’t you be doing it too?

The point is, a lot of people don’t really understand the concept.  People listen to a few seconds of a drop (a terrible place to start) and hate right away.  Many people don’t know what goes into dubstep, what constitutes a dubstep track, the difficulty of make it, or even what a dubstep song sounds like (!).  If you are still in doubt about the musicality or sound of a dubstep track, listen to these tracks to get a better and MORE INFORMED idea:

1. “Circles” by KDrew

2. “Dogfight” by RokSonix

3. “Jah No Partial” by Major Lazer and Flux Pavilion

4. “F**K Dubstep” by Dodge & Fuski

5. “Innocence” by Nero

6. “Centipede” by Knife Party

7. “Blues” by Mojo

You’ll find these tracks aren’t all what you would consider “stereotypical” dubstep.  They all have vocals of some sort and some of them are actually kind of melodic or (hard to believe, but) emotional!  Some take inspiration from both positive and negative themes as well as channeling other genres of music.  The amount of creativity needed to create some of these tracks is often vastly underestimated.

So please, PLEASE, before spewing all your “knowledge” on the genre, at least give it a legitimate shot.  Listen to a full track by a decent artist.  It’s not all Wub-Wub-Wub.

And whatever you do, if you care about your life, DO NOT use Skrillex as a reference to what Dubstep is.  This is for your own good.  Thank you.

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