The NBA Board of Governor’s voted 22-8 against the relocation of the Sacramento Kings to Seattle, Washington.  As current NBA Commissioner David Stern said, roughly, this isn’t a win for the NBA but this is a big win for Sacramento.  Jokingly, I wouldn’t be surprised if there were some intense parties today or tonight in Sacramento that involves police and/or fire coverage.

But in all seriousness, I have been a Sacramento Kings fan all my life.  I know of nothing else.  Now yes, I am awful and have yet to go to a Kings game, but forgive me as I am a poor, starving college student with no time.  But if money and time permits, I’ll go at least once next year.

I don’t hate Seattle, nor am I mad about this entire situation.  True Kings fans deal with this on an annual basis it seems.  I feel sorry for Seattle for not having their storied team back.  However, it would be an even worse day if the Sacramento Kings left.  I love basketball but it would be hard to watch knowing my team is somewhere else in different colors. And David Stern did not close the books on Seattle.  Interestingly enough, he mentioned that during or after the next TV deal is done, which is in a year or two, give or take, there will be a possibility of expansion teams, if so desired.  Also interestingly enough, I did not know Vancouver and Las Vegas were interested in having a basketball team.  Many people may have heard of Anaheim’s interest in a basketball team, and Virginia Beach’s, but Las Vegas and Vancouver eluded me.

Hopefully Seattle will not lose their drive, motivation, or spirit for basketball.  These upcoming years seem great.  Sacramento gets to keep the Kings (for now at least), and soon-to-be Commissioner Adam Silver gets to usher in the next exciting time for basketball with possible expansion.

But as happy as I am, I will not be 100% happy until the Maloofs are no longer major stockholders in the Kings.  I don’t hate the Maloofs, but I do distrust them with a team that is very much ingrained in this community and very much apart of the way of life here.  If the sale of the team goes to the Ranadive group, I will finally be able to rest happily for a few years.  Until then, my heart will forever be braced for bad news.  I am happy, however, that the Sacramento Kings did not go in any tragic manner as the Seattle Supersonics went.  Huge shout out to Mayor Kevin Johnson and everyone who had a part in making this day happen.  Here. We. Stay.

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