Album Review – Seth Sentry’s “This Was Tomorrow”

Album Review – Seth Sentry’s “This Was Tomorrow”
By: Josue “Josh” Alvarez Mapp

Aside from having one of the coolest album covers I have seen in ages, Seth Sentry’s debut album, “This Was Tomorrow,” overall, is a piece of a work.

In today’s day and age, most people listen to songs individually from iTunes, Google Play, or via any other source out there.  But I am still old school and listen to an album start to finish.  My issue is, some albums struggle to have a solid first track to keep me interested.  “Campfire” did the trick though.  The beat starts of down tempo, and Sentry’s gentle rap eases you into the lyrically conscious and charged song that it is.  Soon enough, for the strong hip hop beat bursts out and you are bobbing your head.  Any hip hop enthusiast can enjoy it.

I enjoy hip hop for the message it can send, but it seems that many artists these days send all the bad messages.  “My Scene,” however, sang to me deeply, as it should for everyone.  In it, he raps about trying to find a place you can hang out; find a clique where he will feel at home.  And we all are on the search for that often times.  Everyone wants to fit in.

“This Was Tomorrow” is filled with classic hip hop beats and some of the best lyrics I’ve heard in hip hop in ages.  Instead of just rapping about money, women, cars, and their lifestyle, which is all manufactured, Seth raps at the things we all know and thing about – from breakups to  why science hasn’t brought us hover boards and flying cars; you know, all the things we think about and random times of the day, week, and year.

This album is a solid classic and I hope everyone gives it a chance.  Hear songs from “This Was Tomorrow” and more on!

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