Album Review – Quadron’s “Avalanche”

Album Review – Quadron’s “Avalanche”
By: Josue “Josh” Alvarez Mapp (a.k.a. DJ Mappquest)

Quadron is one of those artists you are not listening to, but definitely should (if you are listening to them, fantastic).  “Avalanche” is the group’s second foray in the music world, following their equally solid effort in their self-titled album.  Perhaps this review is biased since one of my personal favorite genres currently happens to be neo-soul, but I digress…

“Avalanche” doesn’t skip a beat from Quadron’s self-titled album.  It still holds they very smooth, very soulful sounds from great tracks like “Average Fruit” and “Slippin.” Many of the tracks from “Avalanche” hold the same catchy-ness from their first album.  The accompanied music still holds to be on-point as well, came that same old sound that long time listeners fell in love with originally.

Coco Malaika’s voice is beyond amazing.  Though there are many great singers in the world, Malaika captures the extra flavor to set her apart – the soul of singing.  It is hard to listen and not feel what she is singing.  It is hard to listen and not be moved by her voice.  She’s accompanied by Robin Braun who strings together wonderful musical pieces.  Braun fully sets the tone in every track.


“Avalanche” also features a track featuring Kendrick Lamar – a surprise collaboration I didn’t expect.  In my personal opinion, “Avalanche” is a step away from Quadron’s self-titled album in that their new tracks are a departure from the “pop” feel their first album had on some tracks.  Still, a nice evolution and sign of growth as musicians.

“Avalanche” is slated to hit physical and digital shelves on June 4th, 2013.  The whole album is pure amazing neo-soul and R&B.  But if you need to give a few early listens, check out “Better Off” (the track featuring Kendrick Lamar), as well as “Hey Love.” Then go ahead and buy the album (or just the tracks you like, though I truly recommend the entire album), and put it into your personal circulation of tracks you listen too.

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