Album Review – Fat Tony’s “Smart Ass Black Boy”

Have you heard of Fat Tony before?  Chances are no.  Houston-native Anthony Obi, also known as Fat Tony, has been rapping quite a bit in a short amount of time.  It started in 2010 with RABDARGAB.  But the more critically acclaimed album of his was when he teamed up with Tom Cruz  (not to be confused with Tom Cruise).  And soon, Smart Ass Black Boy will drop on June 11th, 2013.  So Fat Tony has eluded me these few years, but his new album is definitely worth a good listen.  I am always skeptical with hip hop and rap since I find it easier to find artists who are “trying to hard.”

Fat Tony’s new album opens with, wait for it…Smart Ass Black Boy.  A short track, but the beat definitely can hook you in.  The first single to be released by Fat Tony is BKNY – a solid track that fuses Fat Tony’s southern rap style with the east coast flavor in the beat. But even more upbeat than BKNY is Hood Party.  As we say here in the bay of California, the beat from that song just slaps so hard!

I must say, however, that the most surprising song I heard on the album was Father’s Day.  Often times, rappers will have one or more songs about their mom.  Seldom, however, do you hear a song about their dad.  Most who do rap about their dads don’t have much nice to say (i.e. Drake – “And my father living in Memphis now he can’t come this way over some minor charges and child support that just wasn’t paid.  Boo-hoo, sad story, black American dad story”).  But here is Fat Tony, who also doesn’t speak of great stories of his father but sings about how his dad didn’t really like him rapping, but Fat Tony recognizes a lot of his looks and more he gets from his dad and he even feels happy to admit it.  Wait, what?  Great song.  It is one of those things that plagues the hip-hop and rap community but goes unnoticed (subordinate to the genre’s love of explicit lyrics, poor messages, images, and role models, and its blatant disrespect for women).

Fat Tony’s rapping style is deeply rooted in how southern rap has established itself – slow, hard hitting, but clear enough for you to capture every word said.  It is really reminiscent of Ludacris’ explosive enunciation.  I do greatly appreciate Fat Tony’s conscientious, witty, “real” lyrics included in most songs.  And teaming up with Tom Cruz adds the musical flavor to put together a masterpiece.  I recommend listening to track #4 BKNY, track #7 Hood Party, and track #10 Sleepover.  However, I do recommend listening to the whole album to see if you may like more tracks.

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