Album Review: “The Late Blue” – Gypsy & The Cat


I first came across Gypsy & The Cat when their single, “Bloom”, was blowing up on the music blogs in early Fall of 2012. With only one record out at the time and a handful of singles, my thirst for their musical genius was nowhere near satisfied. When I picked up their new album, The Late Blue, I was ready to devour it.
Although the Australian indie-pop duo’s first album, Gilgamesh, was heavily influenced by 80’s new wave, The Late Blue draws on a number of elements from different eras. There is a strong presence of 60’s psychadellic and prog rock influence throughout most of the album that was not present in previous work. Songs like “Soul Kiss” and “Zombie World” channel aspects of Tame Impala and MGMT, respectively, which is not surprising as the album’s producer, Dave Fridmann, has worked with both bands.
Still, Gypsy & The Cat hold true to their dream-pop inspired roots and ties in the sounds of these different musical eras to create a unique sound. One of the album’s singles, “Sorry”, stands out with the use of catchy, dream pop riffs reminiscent of their 80’s influenced sound. The album’s namesake song, “The Late Blue”, lightly uses their new psychadellic style to create a hazy, mellodic tune. However, the songs that most encompass Gypsy & The Cat’s unique sound are the memorable opening tracks, “Only in December” and “Bloom”.
Overall, The Late Blue is a gem. The duo’s new approach creates a diverse album, offering enough variation for the album to be listened to all the way through without monotony. In fact, The Late Blue is an album worth listening to again and again.
Gypsy & The Cat

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