Show Review: Best Coast/Bleached @ The Fillmore – 8/15/2013


Is there a better way to spend an August night than in a full house at The Fillmore in San Francisco, watching the king and queen of California surf rock take the stage and hearts of their faithful Norcal subjects? No, there is not. Best Coast in the summertime: this is as good as life gets.


The summery-Calfornia-themed night started off with the indie-rock duo, Bleached. Fronted by sisters, Jessica and Jennifer Clavin, the girls got the crowd moving and in the right mood. With a noticeable garage-rock and punk feel, the Clavin sisters brought their audience to life with some serious head bobbing and foot tapping. I had the sneaking suspicion that if people weren’t saving their energy for later in the evening, there would have been some epic moshing, too. While playing older classics like “Think of You”, songs off their new album, Ride Your Heart, like “Dead in Your Head” and “Next Stop” were well-received. Though their set was short, I could have watched them for another hour at least. Bleached put on an awesome show and are definitely going to be a band I’ll be keeping tabs on for future shows and more rad music!

By the time Best Coast came out on stage, the Fillmore was so packed it seemed like it was about to burst from the seams. The only way to really experience live music: hot, sweaty, and borderline claustrophobic. In a bit of irony, the band started playing, Bethany Cosentino’s sweet voice glazed the room, and the set began with the song, “Goodbye”. Immediately I was impressed by the level of production. The music was loud, but you could clearly hear each instrument and Cosentino’s voice. Quite impressive.

The next song that they played was the popular, “The Only Place”, a song about sitting around at the beach, out in the sun, and how California is pretty much the best place in the world. Obviously. Cosentino sang out, “Why would you live anywhere else?… This is the only place for me” and the San Franciscan crowd went wild. Her angellic voice translated surprisingly well live and perhaps even better than recorded; something that cannot be said for many musicians today that rely on in-studio production to jazz up their voice. Bobb Bruno’s distinctive guitar sound was spot-on as ever.

Cosentino’s dynamic personality gave her a glowing stage presence. Consistently interacting with her bandmates and the crowd between songs, the show felt incredibly interactive. At one point she informed the audience, “We’re gonna play a lot of new songs and sweat a lot”. She announced the release of their new Fade Away EP, due to appear in the upcoming months. That sent a wave of excitement around the room. Cosentino also asked for requests of covers people wanted to hear her sing. Accompanied by her talented band, she did a compelling rendition of The Cranberries’, “Dreams”, in her own style.

Best Coast

“When I’m With You” ended up being a sing-a-long with the audience, Cosentino forgot the words to “Each and Every Day”, laughed it off, and ended with a little song to say “Thank You” to everyone. Of course, claps and chanting of “Best Coast” brought the band out for an encore performance. Cosentino dedicated the last song, “Boyfriend”, to all of the single ladies in the crowd and they left to boisterous cheers and applause.

Best Coast puts on one heck of a show, that’s for sure. I will definitely see them again next time they come through Northern California. Don’t forget to check out their EP, Fade Away, when it comes out sometime in early Fall.

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DJ Constance – Sasha Tokas


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