Album Review: “Lido EP” – The Colourist


The Colourist is one of the few indie bands that has regularly and often appeared in the music blogosphere in the last year, while still impressing me each and every time. Their new Lido EP only has four songs, but it deserves as much attention as a full-length album in my books.

I first encountered The Colourist when they opened for Electric Guest in November 2012 at The Independent in San Francisco. Adam Castilla’s comforting voice and Maya Tuttle’s ability to rock out on the drums while still sounding angellic made for an excellent show. They left quite an impression on me and their song “Wishing Wells” found it’s way onto my mp3 player, radio show, and in all the tiny cracks & crevices of my mind. Their singles and countless remixes popped up all over the interwebs. Last month I saw them open for Fitz & the Tantrums here in Sacramento and was as equally pleased as the first time.

Although Lido EP only clocks in at a little over twelve minutes, it left me hungry for more. The L.A.-based band blend indie pop and rock seamlessly to create an upbeat tone with plenty of catchy hooks. Castilla and Tuttle’s voices are like a cup of English Breakfast tea and milk; invigorating, comforting, warm, and delicious. They compliment each other perfectly. Guitars, drums, bass, and vocals are all balanced, without any overpowering the other. “Little Games” is definitely the one song on the album that is sure to please everyone on first listen, although “Yes Yes” is my personal favorite.

I have a sneaking suspicion that we’ll be seeing a lot more from these guys in the future. The Colourist will be on tour through the fall, so check out the dates on their website to see if they’ll be coming through your town. Don’t forget to give Lido EP a listen and join me in my gloom that they don’t have more music out. Cheers!

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DJ Constance – Sasha Tokas


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