Chicken Whaat… At McDonwhaaaat? Mcdonalds Introduces New Mighty Wings

chicken wings

Yup, McDonald’s has unleashed yet another deadly item on their menu of glutton filled goodness. What is this new menu item you might ask? It is the choice of chicken wings! Yes, chicken wings (in the likeness and size of Wingstop, Buffalo Wild Wings, and Hooters) are being served at McDonald’s!

Eating these for the first time I was  thinking, “Hmmm, I really don’t know how to feel about this.” As I proceeded to eat, thoughts of chicken-abusing factories pumping these wings out came into my head. But at the same time, the crispy breading with a little bit of spice took over my taste buds as well as the thought of how good the sweet and sour sauce went with it. These little devils were surprisingly good! It only comes in one flavor, and it is not smothered in sauce as the other wing places do it. But of course you can use the variation of sauces that McDonald’s supplies. I do recommend the sweet and sour sauce. It was definitely surreal to see actual animal parts in a McDonald’s menu item (the bones). Although these wings are being served in the biggest fast food chain in the world, I don’t recommend eating these things and driving at the same time, due to the mess factor. But it is perfect to split with your friends during a game, while dining in, or anywhere else.

Although the idea of actual wings being served at McDonalds does sound weird, I say give it a shot. It may be 1000000 calories and super unhealthy, but it is only available for a limited time and will be gone soon, only to disappear into our memories and reappear on some VH1 show talking about the second decade of the new millennia.

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