Hello, My name is….


Hello fellow KSSU blog readers, I am excited to introduce myself to this fascinating world of college online radio. My name is Leslie Valdivia and I am a senior here at Sac State. I came to stumble upon KSSU one night, as I was being a good citizen and volunteering my time at Safe Rides (the office right next to the studio). I have also wanted to go into some kind of media and this seem like a perfect start. After jumping the hurdles and dodging the bullets, I made it onto the KSSU team (hence allowing me to speak to you at this moment).

As a ritual of new DJ’s, we have the difficult task of creating the style of show we would like to have.  Although for me this is still a fuzzy idea, I know what my show will not be: boring (well I hope).  I want to have  a talk show but mix some music in there as well. I would like to talk about entertaining things like relationship advice as well as information about the campus and educational or productive things that I hope college listeners will find of use, like tips for interviews and resumes, among other things. I would also like to have lots of guests come on the show to make it more interesting. As for music, I will most likely be playing top 40 and Latin music of all sorts. I would love to co-host or have a co-host because I think its always more fun for the listener (and DJ, not to mention less awkward) when you have someone else to carry the conversation or make fun of.

I also want to have a segment called “Los Quince”, which literally translates to “The 15”, in which I will play music is Spanish and speak just in Spanish for that short period of time to change up the routine and even maybe bring in more listeners.  I hope this idea will make my show more interesting and different than the other shows.

I hope some of you will tune in my show.. as soon I have to details I will make sure to announce!

Well,”Th-th-th-tha-tha-tha-that’s all, folks!

Leslie ❤



  1. Betty Gurrola says:

    I would love to be a part of this. Please let me know how I can apply! Send it to my email! Thanks!

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