Everything is Big in Texas, Except its QB

Texas is known for having everything bigger.  Their football teams (lately) are also known for being big.  The Dallas Cowboys have Jerry’s World (which is a huge stadium).  And expectations have been huge for the Houston Texans ever since Peyton Manning left Indianapolis Colts.  The team has made solid efforts in the postseason.  In 2011, the team clinched its first AFC South Champions title and solidified its first appearance in the playoffs.  They made it to the Divisional round where they lost to the Ravens.  In 2012, they re-clinched the AFC South, only to lose in the Divisional round to the New England Patriots.

Like my NHL Hockey team, the San Jose Sharks, some serious self-reflection has been in store for the Texans.  The team is well-built all around.  They have had consistently one of the best defenses to tread the turf every season.  Offensively, they have had the best 1-2 punch in running backs with Arian Foster and Ben Tate.  Plus they have the deep ball threat of Andre Johnson.  This season you add the add the equal skills at wide receiver with DeAndre Hopkins.  And sitting at the helm of the offense is QB Matt Schaub.  Year in and year out, he is a consistent quarterback that leads the Texans to many of its wins.  However, he has been labeled a “game manager” for his lack of play making skills (unlike Tom Brady, Drew Brees, and Aaron Rodgers who are known to be the heart and soul of their offense).

This weekend, the Houston Texans hosted the undefeated Seattle Seahawks.  At the end of the game, Seattle left undefeated after making a come back to tie the game and take it into overtime, where they would defeat the Texans.  The fans didn’t take lightly to this.  One fan bought a Matt Schaub jersey and burned it outside the stadium!

8089853313_007b6f44b3_zThis brings the question: with everything that Houston Texans have, is Matt Schaub the quarterback that could get them to the Super Bowl (if not, at the very least, the AFC Championship game)?  The answer to that question is: probably not.  So what then?  Give the ball to the young, but somewhat sure hands of T.J. Yates?  I don’t think that would be much better than Matt Schaub.  Yates has slightly more mobility but he provides just a slight few more notches of excitement.

The Texans need a QB with an arm to make teams fear Johnson and Hopkins.  They need a QB that has potential to have great decision making.  Who might that be?  If they need a QB right now, they should consider soon-to-be traded/free agent Josh Freeman of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers.  My buddy T.J. The Sports Geek and myself talked about this last night.  A change of scenery may reinvigorate him.  He has the arm, the body, the roll out capability to be a great QB for the Texans.  His issue lately has been a destroyed confidence as the team slowly but surely gave up on him.  His attitude does need some work but I think Coach Kubiak can mentor and guide Freeman to be great.  And with a QB that has strong potential, and a great arm, the Texans could get over the Tony Romo hump and make it deeper in the playoffs.  Crazy, but it is just a thought.

DJ Mappquest (Josue “Josh” Alvarez Mapp) has his sports talk show, Sports Madness, every Friday, 8-9 PM PST on KSSU.com. 


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