10 Reasons Why “The Yeezus Tour” is a Big Deal


Kanye West will be going on tour this month and yes, it is a big deal! But why, you may ask? Here, I compiled 10 reasons why it is, so go read it fans/haters!

10. Hasn’t done a solo headliner in 5 years 

The poster says it all. Kanye hasn’t done a solo tour in 5 years, the last one being the “Glow in the Dark Tour”. He skipped out on a supporting tour for what can be argued as his best album yet, “My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy,” so he could be making up for lost time. Although he has done Coachella, the Made In America Music festival, and went on tour with Jay-Z to support “Watch the Throne” over these last five years, nothing is quite the same as your own headline tour. Especially with Kanye at the helm, and no one else, who knows what can happen.

9. Could be his last (family man now)

Earlier this year Kim K gave birth to little North West (maybe we can call her “Neezus”?) on the same day Kanye dropped the album. Now with his own family, Kanye may want to stop touring and making music, since he hates the media and the media attention he has now. In “New Slaves” he did say he wanted to move his family out the country. Maybe this will be his last big tour before moving away from the spotlight for awhile. But then again, it may be impossible seeing that his wife and her whole family thrives on being in the public eye.

 8. Kendrick Lamar as opener

For this upcoming tour, Kanye recruited the biggest rapper in the game right now, Kendrick Lamar. The self proclaimed king of New York and of the west coast will be joining Yeezy on all dates except five. Kendrick has been building up his rep with his mixtapes since 2006 and recently blew up with his debut album “Good Kid, M.a.a.d. City” and blew up even more recently with his feature verse on Big Sean’s song, “Control”. If you haven’t heard any of Kendrick’s songs other than his radio singles, listen now, he will put on a good show.

7. Kendrick can come out during Kanye’s set and vice versa

In a rap show/concert, having a guest come out during your set seems to be the norm nowadays. And we may see that happen here. During Kanye’s set, he might bring out Kendrick Lamar to freestyle with him or perform an unheard of verse. Maybe Yeezy might bring him out during “Monster” because Kendrick did do a remix video on this track on Youtube. Who knows really, maybe Yeezus might grace us with his presence during K.dot’s set. Maybe a freestyle over “Backseat Freestyle” or “Rigamortis” or some other popular Kendrick Lamar song. It really isn’t known, but do expect something like this happening.

 6. Touring band

There may be a live band, since co-producer of “Yeezus” Mike Dean confirmed that he will be going on tour with Ye, part of the touring band. Having a live band changes the whole concert experience. Instead of watching a rapper screaming over a recording of his tracks, you’ll be watching a rapper scream with a group of professional musicians playing their songs. Kanye would need a band for his new hard hitting songs, and it would be interesting to see a band play his old hits. Also if you watch any Kendrick performance with a live band, everything always seems to be on a bigger scale.

5.  Will be performing new songs live

This tour is for his newest album, so we can expect him to perform a lot of the new songs, along with the old. The only one’s that have been seen performed was “New Slaves”, “Blackkk Skkkinhead”, “Blood on the Leaves”, and “Bound 2”. Although we can expect him to play these hard-hitters, we should look forward to the other songs as well. Maybe a crazy lightshow/intro with “On Sight”? Maybe he can get the whole arena to turn up to “Send it Up”? With this tour being named after the album, anything of that nature could happen.

4.  Visually appealing

Kanye is known for always coming up with something new and different for his live performances. Kanye and his visual effects team, Donda, will be coming up with something new for this tour. Last Year, Kanye created the surround screen experience for his film “Cruel Summer”, and the year before that Yeezy had a Rome-like background and a bunch of ballerina dancers in the background. Who knows what will be prepared for this tour, maybe a dark setting, seeing fit of the mood for Yeezus. This press release statement stated that it will be “State-of-the-art staging, production, and lighting design with his unmatched aesthetic, visionary creative mind, and an increasingly impressive catalogue of hits spanning his decade-long career.”

One of Kanye’s latest live performances

3. Could make a rant/ historical speech

Yeezy is greatly known not only for his music, but also for his crazy speeches, rants, quotes, etc. Who knows what will be said live on stage by Yeezus himself in the 29 different cities and dates. Already this year, he called himself, “The new Steve Jobs”, “The Biggest Rockstar out right now”, and coined the phrase “culture vultures” during his drunken speech for Pusha T’s listening party. Who could forget his epic grammy speech for “The College Dropout” and his blunders live on air dissing George W. Bush and cutting off Taylor Swift? Somewhere along the tour in any city at any time, Kanye West can make a historical statement.

What… the…

2. Crazy Outfits! 

This may not be that big of a deal, but Kanye has really been dressing… well different than most rappers these days. Will we see the classic leather skirt? 20 pounds of gold on his neck? Maybe he’ll pull out some crazy masks like he did in the Revel concert in San Antonio (pretty freakin creepy if I do say so myself). Although I love his music and he proclaims himself to be a fashion genius, I do question some of the clothes he puts on, and maybe i’ll question more when I see him live.

 1. Baby Norry also on tour!

Ok, so this isn’t that big of a deal, but this little cute baby boutta go on her first tour ever! Not every baby gets to go on tour with a world famous rapper these days. Maybe he’ll bring out little Norry while he performs “Monster”.  Just Kidding.


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