Why I’m Buying an XBOX ONE Instead


On November 15, Sony’s Playstation 4, and on November 22, Microsoft’s XBOX ONE, will be released in the US. The dilemma between which console to buy hits millions of gamers from all around the world. Including this one. For some, this decision is easy. For many, this decision is the PS4. Not a single person I asked, from my fellow DJs at KSSU to my coworkers, said they were buying the XBOX ONE (except my co-host, TEX). For about a week, the over-all push from gamers to go to the PS4 almost convinced me to get, but then I remembered why I currently own an XBOX 360.

In making my decision it didn’t come down to game selection. Though I’ve always been a big fan of the Halo series, not being able to play the newest Halo on the ONE wouldn’t kill me. Gran Turismo 6 looks stunning, and a good racing game always pulls at my heart-strings, but I can settle with FORZA. Kill Zone looks instense, but it’s childsplay compared to the new Battlefield 4 (which will be available on both consoles) and probably the only first-person shooter I’ll care about. Minecraft, a game I’ve spent many late nights on, currently exlusive to the 360, will now be available on both of the next-gen consoles. Finally, the game I’ve been anticipating for almost a decade, Star Wars: Battlefront 3, will most definitely be on both consoles. At this point, all the major game releases have been announced for the consoles and neither console has a definitive lead.

xbox oneGame specifications almost pushed me towards the PS4. Between my co-host (Tex) and I, I’m a stickler for graphics, performance and over-all appearance of a game. This is 2013, your video games have to look good. In a recent article I read on Kotaku, current estimates show the PS4 will run 50% faster than the ONE. According to the article, the PS4 ran a test running 30fps at 1920 x 1080 where in the same test the ONE ran at “20-something fps” at only 1600 x 900. Now, for some (Tex included) this doesn’t matter much, but for me that’s the difference between a more cinematic FULL-high definition game-play and, well, not that. At 20 fps the movement of objects can become unnatural looking and even jumpy and though 1600 x 900 is nowhere near standard resolution, it’s not a full 1080 HD resolution. But in the end, that story holds for the current consoles. It’s no surprise the PS3 out-performs the 360. Though not dramatically, the look of PS3 game-play is just more…dimensional. Utilizing blu-ray technology, game developers can pack more into the game. Things like textures and details that are missing from 360 game-play. If graphics and performance didn’t convince me to buy a PS3, why would it convince me to buy a PS4?

What it came down to for me was, ironically, the non-game features that both consoles will offer. In making my decision I looked at how I use my current console. When my friends aren’t online, and pre-GTA V, when I just didn’t want to play video games,sw battlefront either it was too late, I didn’t want to get sucked into a mission or I simply didn’t have anything to play, I utilized the non-game features of the 360. Things like Netflix, XFINITY, HBO Go, Hulu Plus, Showtime, ESPN,  and even Internet Explorer (once). It was these features that I was using most. The 360 had the functionality of a cable box, without being a cable box. Using my brother’s Netflix subscription and my parent’s Comcast subscription I can access thousands of TV show, movies, sporting events and more. It seems every night I end up watching an episode of Breaking Bad on Netflix or an episode of The Daily Show using the XFINITY App (and YES, the PS3 does most of this, too). But the XBOX ONE will offer must more of this “all in one place” feel. The ONE can connect to your current cable box, allowing you to search through your TV Guide right through the console, then seamlessly switch back to your save point in Battlefield 4, and then again, seamlessly switch  to Internet Explorer and load up your Twitter feed. The XBOX ONE will be the center of your living-room (or bedroom), and I want it to be the center of mine and I don’t care what you think.

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