Electro Music


Ok so I have to admit that I’m starting to really enjoy listening to electro music.  Four years ago some of my DJ friends would play this kind of music during their sets and I would get so annoyed.  Then, they would always tell me “Lorie, you better get used to this, pretty soon this kind of music is going to be played on main stream radio”.  And sure enough, they were right.

Electro music, short for electronica, is now heard all over the world.  Electronica is a music genre composed within a wide range of contemporary electronic music designed for a wide range of uses, including foreground listening, some forms of dancing, and background music for other activities.


I remember when I would hear the word electro and I would just think of artists like Moby from the 90’s.  But now electro has even crossed into hip-hop.  Many hip-hop producers began turning to a more synthesized sound, resulting in the rise of super-producers like the Neptunes.  Artists like Usher, Rihanna, and Pit Bull are teaming up with electro DJ’s like Calvin Harris to produce uplifting beats for college kids and hipsters to dance to.  Even artists like Kanye West, who was known for more naturally-sounding hip hop productions, started to tune into electro sounding beats.  In his third album Graduation, he featured some songs with a sharp electronic aesthetic.

I think it is safe to say that electro music is here to stay!

-Lorie Ozobiani

Twitter: @LorieKssu

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