The Acacia Strain: New Album and Upcoming Tour


My current favorite death metal band, formed in 2001 and hailing from Chicopee, Massachusetts is The Acacia Strain. They have a real primal feel, great for when you want to listen to something very loud and very angry, their music is somewhat similar to Six Feet Under. If this is your first time hearing of them I’d suggest starting off with their album Wormwood, and the song Beast in particular was what got me hooked on them. It’s rare that I’m disappointed in how loud my stereo get’s, honestly it really never happens except when I play this band. Maybe I should get a new one that goes to “11.”

In 2012 they released the single “Servant In The Place Of Truth.” It feels a little experimental and not quite their normal tune. Later in 2012 they released Death Is the Only Mortal which I happen to be listening to right now. I’d suggest it just like any of their stuff, and I happen to be really enjoying it, but it feels like it fell a little short of their previous two albums.


The song names in particular are bugging me, realistically being the least important part of the song but it does add something to my listening experience. Half of their songs have mythological roots and when I see a song titled “cthulhu” I can’t help but get a little excited, especially when it’s a metal song. Some other interesting titles include “Balboa Towers”, “Dr. Doom”, and “Kraken” just to name a few.

In more recent news, they dropped a guitarist “Daniel ‘DL’ Laskiewicz” and picked up two more, Devin Shidaker and Richard Gomez.

They’re also currently on their fall tour “Hatebreed.” If you’d like to see them in person, they just appeared in Trois Rivieres, QC (Metalfest) and will be appearing internationally in Brazil, IK, Poland, Germany, Australia and many other locations.

You can find a list of their tour dates on

Both Wormwood and Continent reached the Billboard Top 200 albums chart. So you don’t have to just take my word for it, although the best way is to really check them out for yourself, or to hear them on my radio show on 🙂

My playlists are on and you can follow me on twitter: @djgooddeal. Also be sure to check out my metal show on, Zombie Patrol Thursdays at 11 am.



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