The Questlist (Dance, October 2013)

GMC 2013So last night, on October 12th, I had the pleasure of DJing at an event out in Oakland.  This was the first time a lot of my good friends have seen me DJ since I’ve immersed myself more and more into music.  As with many of the gigs I get where I have free reign to play whatever I want, I tend to drop a few experimental songs to see how the people respond.

Since March of this year, I have delved deeper into dance music, and just anything upbeat that I can groove to.  So to all my friends, and everyone else, here are some of the remixes and mash-up’s that make me just want to dance, stomp, clap, and everything else.  Enjoy:

BONUS TRACK: “Rick Rollin” by Candyland
Josue “Josh” Alvarez Mapp (a.k.a. DJ Mappquest), hosts Sports Madness, a sports talk show, every Friday from 8-9 PM PST on  He also hosts The Late Night Show on Fridays from 9-11 PM PST on  Tune in from or use the TuneIn Radio app and search for “KSSU DOTCOM”.


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