Raining Zombies: The Walking Dead Season 4 Premiere Review (Spoilers)

walking dead

Sunday evening, season four of AMC’s The Walking Dead aired to an eager audience. Rick and the gang are back, seven months after the end of season three. The group at the prison has grown, and Rick tends to a vegetable garden (where did he get those seeds, by the way?) and raises pigs (did they come from the same place the seeds did? This was obviously a bothersome plot hole for me). The group is slowly becoming a community, and have worked on building up the prison’s defenses. Things seem well at the prison, but things quickly take a turn downhill, and by the end of the episode it seems like this season might pick up the pace and ramp up the action that has been arguably lacking in the last season and a half.

walking-dead big spotThe name of the episode, “30 Days Without an Accident,” implies life has been somewhat calm at the prison. By the time Darrell and the small group who went with him to Big Spot on a supply run, it was apparent something bad was going to happen. The best scenes of the entire episode came from the expedition to Big Spot. A helicopter that had crashed on the roof of the store was surrounded by walkers, making the roof weak. Once the walkers were alerted to the sound of a human feast by a shelf of alcohol getting knocked down inside, all hell broke loose. The walkers began falling through the roof, terrorizing those inside.

While Darrell and the others were fighting off the torrent of walkers raining down upon them, Rick ventured into the woods to hunt for food. He ran into a creepy woman, who asks for help and if she and her husband can join Rick at the prison. Rick obliges on the condition he can ask them three questions. She leads him to her camp, where she attempts to kill Rick to feed her husband- who, it appears, is little more than the head of a walker. After being subdued by Rick, the creepy woman stabs herself in the stomach. twd-s4-first-look-590

At the end of the episode, Carl’s new friend Patrick has died an a new layer of complexity of the zombie virus has been revealed.

“30 Days Without an Accident” showed us how quick-paced and action-packed this show can be. We are beginning to see how people are trying to establish a sense of community when the world is falling apart. With new characters comes, of course, more deaths, but it will also give some much-needed energy to the core group of survivors of Rick and the Gang. It will be interesting to see what the new zombie virus mutation is, and how this plot line finishes.

Since the show’s first season, The Walking Dead has fallen into a pattern of starting and ending each season strong, but having a slow, drawn-out middle portion that bores viewers. Hopefully season four will be the one that breaks this structure. If “30 Days Without an Accident” is anything to go by, we may finally be treated to a season that out-paces the slow gait of the walkers.

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  1. Joshua Janda says:

    I disagree with your assessment of the structure of the show. I have never been bored by it, nor has anyone I know. The show is not about action and constant killing, it’s meant to focus more on the people and what happens when the world falls apart. The action is a secondary focus. Granted, you are entitled to your opinion, but I felt I would share that for me the Walking Dead isn’t about fighting and death, but that Iis just a nice addition and change of pace. But I am also very interested in this new mutation and seeing who becomes major story changers in this new group.

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