The Dating Doctor: David Coleman at Sac State

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By: Joanne Serrieh

The Dating Doctor David Coleman gave an interactive lecture on Thursday Oct. 16 at the Sacramento State University campus about relationship issues that college students face. During the two hour event hosted by UNIQUE, Coleman discussed everything from breaking the ice; to what a healthy relationship is; to getting over a heartbreak.

Before addressing popular relationship issues, Coleman gave a motivational speech directed at every person in the room. He said one should not look for the person who will complete him or her but instead look for someone who complements their life. “Every single day you need to say wake up and say to yourself, ‘I would so date me,’ ” he said, “because if you are not your own greatest walking ambassador, if you wouldn’t choose to date you how can you expect anyone else to want to date you?”

Coleman’s delivery method and presentation were very humorous and entertaining. He had everyone in the room laughing at almost every point that he made whether he was sharing a funny pickup line that should never be used like, “Hey baby, they call me the Love Pirate so give me all your booty,” or when he was discussing a common relationship issue like not being able to approach the person you are attracted to, or as Coleman calls it, “the hmm theory of attraction.”

The hmm theory of attraction, he went on to explain, is when a person sees someone who they are attracted to but never approaches them. “The hmm is someone who stops you dead in your tracks, they don’t even know you’re checking them out,” said Coleman. Coleman said when a person does not take action because of this hmm theory they lose their chance of meeting this attractive person. Coleman said after the lecture this theory needs to stop. Coleman’s quote of the night was, “I want you to be fat penguins because fat penguins break the ice.” This is his method of getting rid of the hmm theory.

Coleman did a great job of relating the material to the audience members who were mostly college students. He was using examples that included Twitter, Facebook, text messages and other forms of social media that the audience members are knowledgeable about.

As for every other issue, Coleman has a formula for getting over a breakup. His steps include: keeping a distance, which means deleting each other off of social media sites and no more calling or text messaging; and one should stay active and get involved in activities  to keep keep themselves busy. Finally, “Exit on your own terms,” said Coleman. This means let the other person know your perspective but without showing any anger or emotion; just stick to the facts so they can not refute them.

Throughout the lecture, Coleman kept the audience engaged by asking questions and giving handfuls of candy and chocolate to those who participated. He also took a few minutes to answer audience questions.

Almost everyone can relate to being stuck in the “friend zone” at some point. Coleman made some helpful suggestions for people who want to get out of that dreaded friend zone.  “The friend zone happens because this person that you want to be with, who puts you in the friend zone, gets to see you all day, everyday for free,” said Coleman. “Every person on this earth wants to get what they can not have,” he continued. “Make someone make an effort to see you,” Coleman told the audience on how to basically get out of the friend zone.

Coleman concluded the lecture by sharing what things, he thinks, men and women look for when trying to find the right person:

1. A person with a sense of independence

2. Confidence.

3. Have an interesting and exciting life going on

4. Leave some mystery

After watching and listening to what the Dating Doctor has to say about relationships and life, one leaves motivated not to find the perfect partner but to work on improving himself or herself first. It all starts on the inside then it goes to finding the person who complements you and your life.

Joanne Serrieh is a Radio Presenter
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