5 Reasons Why You should Shop At Thrift Stores

thrift shop vintage sign
Shopping at the Goodwill or any thrift store has always been looked down upon until Macklemore made it into a catchy song, but I have been poppin some tags for a long time. Okay I admit it, at first it was because my mother would make me go with her to the store and I dreaded going because we would be there 3 hours and because I didnt like funny smell inside. As I matured, came to earn my own money for clothes and came to somewhat develop a fashion sense, thrift stores grew on me and now I can’t imagine ever not going again. Whenever I get compliments on my accessories or blouse that I bought at a thrift store, I never fail  to flaunt that I got it for $5 at the Goodwill and my friends all stare at me in admiration. I seriously can not be more of advocate for shopping at thrift stores but still no one seems to listen. With that said here are five reason that I hope will compel you to think about heading to your nearest Goodwill instead of the mall next time you are in need of a cute top.

Reason #1: Be Unique!

Or in Macklemore’s words “That shirt’s hella dough And having the same one as six other people in this club is a hella don’t”

I know you hate that feeling when you’re out with your friends and there walks in another girl  wearing the exact same dress you bought at Forever 21 for $20 though you shrug it off because “you look better in it anyway.” When you shop at thrift stores you never have to worry about that again. Okay I admit it, you do not have to worry about that because a lot of the stuff is outdated or not “in” but this is an easy fix! Find different pieces that are not only unique with interesting colors or print but also classic pieces to build an outfit. Next time you wear it out and receive several compliments you will not help but smile in it becuase you got it all for $10. You just need some patience to find different garments and with a little creativity you can not go wrong.

Reason #2: Stay Retro

As I mentioned before a a lot of the clothes are not the latest fashion which makes thrift stores great places to find retro and vintage pieces… which are ALWAYS IN. On one of my trips to the Goodwill, I found a beautiful classic 80s off-shoulder black dress. I couldn’t believe my eyes and quickly rushed to the fitting room only to be utterly upset it was 2 sizes small. Though I pondered about how fast I could lose a couple of pounds to fit into the dress, I slowly put it back on the rack for the next lucky girl who finds it a perfect fit. Although that time was not my lucky day this is a perfect example of that I mean by finding incredibly cheap, vintage and gorgeous pieces that will enhance you closet. The dress racks and blouses are great places to find these pieces.

Reason #3: One-Time Wears

You are going to a themed party next weekend and have no idea what to wear, well the thrift store has the answers to your problem. Because thrifts sell mostly used items, everything is sold at a much cheaper rate, though you don’t feel bad about spending less than $15 on some accessories and a dress versus $40 at the mall on something you know you will only wear once. You stay at piece of mind knowing you didn’t spend some serious cash next time you see that item gathering dust in the back of your closet.


Reason #4: Accessories

Thrift stores are hands down one of the best places to find cheap and adorable accessories. Just a few days ago, I bought four pairs of earrings for under $8 and received several compliments on a pair I wore the next day and again could not help but tell them I bought them at the Goodwill for $2. Great accessories to look for at thrift store are earrings, necklaces and purses.

Reason #5 Stay Chic on a Budget!

“Only got twenty dollars in my pocket. I – I – I’m hunting, looking for a come-up. This is f-ing awesome”

Last and obvious reason, you get a bang for you buck! Many of the things you buy at thrift stores will be considerably cheaper than at retails stores. Sometimes you can find new and  brand named item for a lot less. Another tip on finding great stuff for less is by not sticking to the same stores. Venture across town because the other Goodwill 20 minutes away from your house could have those brand new shoes just in your size that you were eyeing in the mall for $8. Trust me it has happened to me!




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