A Nightmare Everyone Can Enjoy

nm on bs

As the music industry has grown to embrace the genre of electronica, Sacramento State will be hosting its first known genre specific dance event in the past recent years.

On November 1, Sac State’s student-run radio, KSSU – in association with Associated Students Inc. – will present “Nightmare on Bass Street” from 7-9 p.m. in the Redwood Room of the University Union.

A night after trick-or-treaters and people of all ages take the opportunity to dress up, or down, in costumes that seem outlandish any other time of the year, KSSU is offering a free opportunity to celebrate and dance with the Sac State community.

Student DJs from kssu, DJ Krayze, DJ Liradan and DJ Mappquest, will be in control of the music the night of the event. Expect to hear the many sounds of electronica that include, but are not limited to, House, Dubstep and Trap.

KSSU Station Manager Josue Mapp, 27, also known as DJ Mappquest, is one of the main organizers for the event. “This has actually been my pet project that has been a year in the making,” Mapp said. “When I was on core staff, before being the manager, I wanted to do this. I said, ‘If I ever become manager, this is what I wanna do.'”

Even though the event is aimed for everybody to come and have a good time, Mapp wants it be a time where students are made aware of the presence of KSSU on campus.

sparky“The goal is to eventually get us to do this once every so often so people see us and know, ‘Yes, we have a radio station, we have DJ’s and this exists, and you should listen because we provide music,'” Mapp said. “So the hope is to increase awareness.”

Criminal justice major, Ray Baeza, 23, also known as DJ Krayze, agrees with Mapp and hopes to see a lot of students the night of the event. “Just to bring excitement to the student body and this campus,” Baeza said. “Events like these happen all the time around other campuses, I thought why can’t we do something like that here and just have fun. Nothing wrong with a little rave going on.”

The event is free and open to all students and the general public. Costumes are encouraged, as the three DJs will be in costume as well.

“Mature audiences are encouraged to attend,” Mapp said. “Nobody should be surprised by language or people’s costumes. When I say costumes encouraged, I have absolutely no idea what to expect. I don’t know if I’m going to be seeing Halloween costumes, or rave outfits, or both.”

Although the event is centralized around electronica music, the DJs at KSSU want students who don’t listen to the genre to attend the event and venture out of their comfort zone.

Mapp himself admits to not having always been a fan of electronica music. “Trap is that gateway drug for me, if you like hip/hop it’s easy to jump into,” he said.

Each DJ has his own sound that is influenced by another genre they were fans of before getting into electronica. Whether it was hard rock or hip/hop, electronica brings everyone together.

Civil Engineer major, Joe Arellano, 27, said he likes to listen to hip/hop but has embraced the new wave of electronica music. “I like the electronic community,” said Arellano. “Every one thinks electronic music is all about doing drugs and all that but it’s really not. I like the whole vibe of electronic music, the whole community.”

“My goal when my show plays, is essentially for people to rage out when they listen to my show,” Baeza said.

KSSU has plans for another event later in the school year that will not be free, so this event is a great opportunity to come see what the students have to offer.rave

“We’re gonna try our best to make sure everybody has a good time,” Baeza said. “Costumes are definitely encouraged. Even the DJs are going to be dressed up. You can either come in your Halloween costume, or you can wear your little rave tutu or whatever different colored stuff, but definitely come check it out, it’s going to be fun!”

There is a Facebook event page for those interested in spreading the word to their friends: https://www.facebook.com/events/698388746856528/?ref_dashboard_filter=calendar&source=1

This event is sure to draw attention to Sac State’s student run radio, kssu.com.


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