Reasons For A “Scandal”

scandal 2

If you haven’t started, I highly suggest you tune in on Thursday nights or set your TiVo to record at 10 on ABC’s network channel to experience some of the suspense binding and emotions drawing drama the television series Scandal brings weekly to its millions of viewers.

They aren’t even half of what keeps me watching, but they top all the reasons that keep me captivated to where I would sacrifice my precious hour of sleep before a morning intern shift on Friday just so I can catch the latest episode. Pull up a chair, take a seat and let me convince you with my top three.

scandal loveReason three: Olivia Pope and President Fitz. Their passion and intimacy is so real and unrelenting, they could barely catch their breaths during the heated quarrels of “I want you” and “I can’t do this anymore.” Time after time, he pulls her into his secret White House offices and commands her seductive reciprocation. It becomes so real, like you are a part of their love affair that you want the unconventional outcome of a man head over heels for his mistress to come true too. Almost always, it jogs the memory to the moments you share with that special lost love; the person you should be with, but know you can’t.

If racy scenes and passion doesn’t do it for you, this brings me to reason number two:  Olivia Pope and Associates also known as the Gladiators. It’s not just the people in the crisis management firm, comprised of brilliant characters that all share their unfortunate run-ins with either the government or justice masquerading in suits; it’s the cases they also take on. From the poor White House associate accused of being the president’s mistress–who in a turn of events didn’t end up being pointed at Pope, to its current dilemma when guest star Lisa Kudrow tries to hire Pope to run her election campaign­–the same proposition the president’s wife requested of Pope, however for Fitz’s campaign.

And last, but definitely NOT least, she’s mentioned in all of the reasons so far and so I have to give the credit where it is much due: Keri Washington. Washington brings Pope to life by her attitude, style and sensuality. She embodies a woman of power, intellect and confidence, and she wears it upon herself well in the form of pantsuits, chiffon blouses and knit tops. To further drive Pope’s immense sex appeal to viewers, Washington tops the Pope-swag by her infatuation with red wine on the couch, the sway of her hips when she storms away from the president, or her “I’m not the woman for you” demeanor when she pushes Jake Ballard, her other love interest away… oh but we all know that only makes us want the things, or in this case scandal castpeople we can’t have most.

So here, I’ve spelled it for you. If you’ve decided to take a Thursday night off from binge drinking at Zebra, Republic, or Parlare, or have gotten tired of the Sports Center reruns that has played only a gazillion times already, or just want to pick up a new show because The Walking Dead doesn’t come on until Sunday, watch Scandal. It’s a show of twist and turns and whether you’re a man or woman trust me, you will not be bored.


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