Tour Review – The Soil and The Sun

Last Thursday experiential spiritual folk-rock/New Mexican space band (as it says on their website) The Soil and The Sun came through Sacramento. The Soil and The Sun stopped by and played at local bar The Shady Lady for their Sacramento leg of their West Coast tour.

Like most bands, The Soil and The Sun is full of attractive people.

As the swing duo before them left the stage, The Soil and The Sun began to set up their instruments. After a bit the small stage in the corner of the bar began to look like a music store packed with various different instruments. They had the usual’s: guitar, drums, and bass, but there were also clarinets and violins in the mix. While it took a while for the band to set up, it was understandable being that there are nine musicians in the band. The wait was well worth it.

soil and sunThe noise that usually fills the air of The Shady Lady stopped as soon as the band began. It was a very ethereal sound and experience that fell upon the crowd. Songs varied from light and breathy musings to intense adventures in music. While not the usual music that you’d hear in a bar, people began to dance and sway with the song.

The Soil and The Sun will be continuing their West Coast tour as they head south for the rest of this leg of the tour. If they’re stopping near you, I strongly recommend going to check them out. To discover more awesome music, also be sure to check out, Sacramento State’s student run radio.


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