Concert Review: Michael Bublé at Oracle Arena

By: Joanne Serrieh


 I announced on my KSSU show during the spring semester that Michael Bublé, my favorite singer, will be going on a worldwide tour following the release of his latest album To Be Loved. I decided that I wanted to go the minute I found out that he’d be performing at Oracle Arena in Oakland on November 30th but I waited till the last minute to really make plans. Last minute as in I bought my ticket the day of the event. The day that I had an amazing unforgettable experience. The day my dream came true and I saw Michael Bublé perform live.

"To Be Loved" Album Cover

“To Be Loved” Album Cover

Because I waited so long, it was really difficult to find someone to go with me. I knew this would be my only chance to see him in concert unless I wanted to wait another few years. I decided to just buy a ticket and go alone. I never would have ever imagined myself going to a concert alone but I had to do it. Driving four hours in traffic to get to Oracle Arena was not fun at all but once I arrived all my anxiety went away and I felt the excitement build up. Walking to the main entrance of the arena I noticed some people going through a backdoor and being the curious person I am I asked where these people were going. The security guard told me that’s the VIP entrance for floor seats. I told him I have a floor seat ticket and he told me to go right ahead. As I started walking away he followed me and said, “Ma’am, are you attending this concert alone?” I smiled and said, “Yes, I am.” I didn’t realize it would be that obvious but I didn’t care as long as I was seeing Michael Bublé. I made my way to the VIP entrance, went through the security check then went to pick up my ticket. Again I was asked if I was attending alone. I guess it’s unusual to attend these events alone but I was too excited to even worry about that.

Now to my favorite parts of the concert. An a cappella group called Naturally Seven opened the show with some pretty amazing performances. They performed about four or five songs after I arrived then there was a short break until the real show started. The show was very high-tech so Michael’s entrance was beyond dramatic. The Canadian crooner opened the show with a fiery  performance of the song “Fever.” There were literally giant flames shooting out of the stage before he appeared standing on a raised and slanted part of the stage behind the huge screen. The crowd went wild the second everyone heard his voice. After singing the first verse he slid down the slope onto the main stage. While he was performing “Fever,” the graphics on the screen created the illusion of a real theater curtain burning up on stage. It was hard to take my eyes off of the stage even for even a second during the whole show.

Graphic used during Buble's performance of "Cry Me A River"

Graphic used during Buble’s performance of “Cry Me A River”

Michael performed many of my favorite songs including, “Haven’t Met You Yet,” “Home,” “You Make Me Feel So Young,” “Everything,” and of course everyone’s favorite, “Feeling Good.” He also performed his latest single from his album “To Be Loved” called “Close Your Eyes.” I can’t forget to mention his cover of Journey’s “Don’t Stop Believing,” where at that point I felt like I was a part of a huge karaoke event. I’m pretty sure everyone in the arena was singing along. Every single song performed had different special effects appearing on the stage. Colors, fire, images, lights, confetti, and everything else that you can think of was part of the show.

A few months ago Michael Bublé became a father when his wife gave birth to a baby boy. An audience member gave him an Oakland Raiders’ baby onesie. That’s when he spent a good five minutes just gushing about his son after he joked saying, “This was very sweet. It’s the thought that counts because this will never fit me.” He then shared how being a father is a wonderful blessing but with that comes midnight feedings, sleepless nights, baby puke, temper tantrums and the poopy diapers. “I’ll tell you what,” he said, “there are all those things but still ten times easier than being on tour with Justin Bieber.” Yes, Michael Bublé joked about his fellow Canadian artist. Or maybe it wasn’t a joke and he really meant it? Hmm…

Michael's introduction of his band members

Michael’s introduction of his band members

I know other singers introduce their bands during shows but it’s usually just a quick introduction. Bublé spent almost six minutes doing this! Of course this part was accompanied by special effects where each band member appeared on the screen as a sports card for “Team Bublé.” He had a personal introduction ready for each band member. “When I grow up I want to be just like this next guy, a sexy black dude,” said Michael about his saxophone player Tim Green. My personal favorite was his trumpet player’s introduction when Michael said, “Ladies and gentlemen, I start with a man who’s so cool that when he goes to sleep the sheep count him.” Everything he was saying and doing during the show kept the crowd entertained and he made everyone go wild.  photo 2

For me, the most memorable part of the whole show was being in the very middle of the first row right in front of Michael Bublé. The fact that I was at this huge concert alone was the last thing on my mind.  At different moments I felt like no one else was around and I was just watching this amazing performer sing my favorite songs with his powerful voice. A voice so powerful that after entertaining the crowd for two hours he was able to toss the microphone and sing one last song using just the power of his voice. He made the whole arena become silent as he performed “A Song For You” as the show finale. That was it, the end of a concert that I will be talking about for a while until I am able to see Michael Bublé again.

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  1. Hey! Great review of Michael’s concert there!

    Like you i went to my first concert in my life alone! I missed his Crazy Love concert while back in Malaysia. I remember i felt so dreadful and regret for not attending it.

    When he announced the date for Tokyo, and i’m currently studying in Tokyo, i knew that no matter what i have to attend this one!

    And boy i am truly happy that i did! He was just so amazing in everywhere! I think i’m still having this whole “post-Buble-concert” withdrawal going on in me.

    Yeah, going alone was crazy idea; downright lonely at times. I was anxious and all when i saw tides and tides of people come with companions, but the moment when his voice came in it was all gone! That WAS the fastest two hours in my life!

    Hope to see him again in future!


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