Impending Doom’s New Album: “Death Will Reign”

impending doom

Attention all you Doomnation fans!

Impending Doom has a new album out called, Death Will Reign. As you might or might not know, Impending Doom has become less death-core or “gore” music and is starting to move towards a beat-down sounding metal band.


Impending Doom are still very good (yes, very, very good) and their new album has some similarities and differences when compared to their previous album, Baptized In Filth. Death Will Reign is slower, somewhat heavier, and has a lot of emphasis on the lyrics, similar to the Christian metalcore band For Today. The instruments by themselves are good, but when listened too while reading the lyrics, it will blow you away. While still keeping their Christian foundations in their music, Impending Doom is now a lot more “in your face” metal while you flex every muscle in your body.

death will rainI HIGHLY recommend that you listen to the song, “Beyond the Grave.” It has some piano sound effects in the beginning and goes straight into a breakdown with fast double bass and china cymbal crashing, open notes on guitar and bass blasting, and Brooke Reeves doing what he does best. After that soul-shaking beginning, in comes the fist-to-the-floor punching beat  with some deep, mind-altering lyrics. I will not post them, so go see them for yourself. The album was originally $11.99, but the price has been dropped to $8.99. Once again, all you hardcore Christians, Doomnation followers, and metal heads, go listen to Impending Doom’s new album, Death Will Reign. You will not be disappointed.


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