Showtime’s “Master’s of Sex” is Engaging

masters of sex logo

Who isn’t interested in sex?  In the 1950’s and ’60’s there was a lot of medical information on conception, gestation and birth, but no one really knew the physiological responses to people, especially women, had before, during and after sex.  Fascination with the female orgasm led Dr. William Masters to initiate his now famous study and the new Showtime series Masters of Sex which tells the titillating story of the process.  The series is based on Thomas Maier’s book, “Masters of Sex.”

Dr. Masters’ secretary, Virginia Johnson, is a smart, resourceful medical student who becomes his assistant in the study.  Together they analyze a variety of sexual behaviors, hooking people up to machines to gauge their heart rate and perspiration.  There is even a startling-for-its-time invention which you will just have to watch for yourself to find out.


I am really enjoying the series because Virginia Johnson (played by Lizzy Caplan), pushes past stereotypes and isn’t afraid to be seen as strong and capable.  She is Masters’s equal in many ways and is an invaluable partner, although Masters (played brilliantly by Michael Sheen) often reminds her that he is the one in charge.  The characters are well developed and the plot twists are unexpected.  Masters’ wife Libby is played shallowly by Caitlin Fitzgerald.  The way she delivers her lines seem like first year acting school quality – no real dimension.

Since Dexter ended this Fall, I thought there weren’t any shows to look forward to, but Masters of Sex has definitely piqued my interest and has been a worthwhile way to spend an hour of my time.


  1. If you’d like to know more about Masters and Johnson — or my book “Masters of Sex” which is the basis for the Showtime television series — please contact ThomasMaierBooks [dot] com. On this website, there is a lot of material about the making of this new show from my biography. You can also obtain the book “Masters of Sex” at Amazon or the Showtime website.

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