Heirs To The North

heirs to the north

Released this Halloween, “Heirs To The North” is a compilation album produced by Las Vegas rapper T.R@bb.

H*T*T*N is a mashup of various up and coming rappers from Las Vegas bringing the very finest of hip hop to their listeners.

If you haven’t heard this album, now is the time to expose yourself to some of the most creative work I’ve experienced in some time.

One of the funniest tracks has to be “Schwoogi!” by the artist of the same name. This two minute track provides elaborate lyrics contrasted with a simplistic beat. The hilarity ensues with the depiction of the word “schwoogi” and the many ways it can be used.

Another great track, “Taking Candy From A Baby,” by Yae showcases the story of the narrator as he finds various ways to survive in the streets. The dark sounding beat lures listeners in as Yae’s voice clearly describes his travels. You can picture everything that he describes and it feels as if you are walking with him through the cold alleyways and sidewalks.

httnOne of my favorite tracks of the album has to be “Question Mark” by Trade Voorhees and T.R@bb. The beat reminds me of an African adventure and the lyrics are just as active. Clever and cocky, this song will have you turning up the volume as loud as it can go. The chemistry between the true is apparent as they feed off of each other’s energy. This is the kind of track that gets better as it progresses.

Finally, if I could declare a single of the album it would be “I’m Rare/Top 5” by Jabtawa and T.R@bb. The production of this track is simply jaw dropping. It’s sonically stimulating as it features many change ups that just flow naturally and don’t seem forced at all. Also, the rhymes just appear effortless to these two.

The way that this album flows together is excellently arranged. Heirs To The North just glides from track to track and and the songs make sense next to each other. They weren’t just randomly placed.

Heirs To The North is an example of what the future of hip hop looks like. My only complaint would be that a few of the tracks set the bar for the album very high and make others look mediocre in comparison. In all, this group of talented men know how to make music that not only provides potent lyrics, but makes your speakers break as well.

You can find Heirs To The North here.

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