Concerts Dos and Don’ts


When going to a concert, follow these simple rules for being a considerate concert attendee.


Throw objects, food, drinks, etc.         

You do not want to be the person the nachos land on or the one who gets drenched in beer, so don’t do it.

Too much PDA

We get it; you want to dance or are there with your boo, but please don’t start grinding on each other or starting making out. Just enjoy the music and save that for later, when you are alone, in a room. Thank you.

Take drinks from strangers or leave drinks unattended

You are having fun but safety goes first. There are a lot of people around and you don’t know their intention. Don’t trust anyone.

Wear inappropriate clothing

Please girls, don’t wear a beany and heels in one outfit or go half-naked. Be prepared to enjoy the music without having to think about wardrobe malfunctions. You can wear something comfortable and still look cute!

Start fights

First, they are scary and you can end with a black eye and missing tooth by the end of the night. Plus you will get kicked out and you didn’t just pay over $100 for a small incident. You don’t want to ruin your night or everyone else’s fun and kill their buzz.

Mosh pits

These are dangerous. Try to stay out of one.

Put people on shoulders or stand on seats

Umm, excuse me there is like 10 people behind and they also want to enjoy the concert view. Thank you.

Go if you don’t know the artist

Do not spend money on an artist you don’t really like or know just because all you friends are going. It won’t be the same experience if you are not feeling the artist.

you-tube-foolPost 10 videos of the concert on your social networks

Okay, we know you are at the concert ‘cuz we saw your earlier 5 posts. Don’t continue to post 20 videos of every song played during the concert. Or I promise I will unfollow you.

Sit in someone else’s seat

Although there are 5 better seats in front of you, you didn’t pay for them. The concert may have started and the people who purchased them may be late plus it’s embarrassing when they finally get there and tell you those seats are not yours.


Respect others

This is obvious. Respect others just as you would in any other place. This also helps avoid fights- just saying.       

Beware of surroundings

Spot the nearest exits ‘cuz you never know when emergencies can happen. Also keep you bag close by. There are a lot of people and you never know what could happen.

Go support the artist

You have your fave artist’s T-shirt, beany and sweater? Wear it! It shows true fan loyalty and looks like you’re ready to have fun.

Be open to socialize

Hey, there is a cutie two seats down? Show them you love to get down to music and flash them a smile. A date can be in the near future- you never know!

Be with crowd

Everyone is rocking out and feeling the vibe, you don’t want to be that awkward person who is sitting out. Don’t be shy, get up!

Try to arrive early

Hey, you paid to be there might as well be there early to start the fun sooner. Most of the time opening acts are a lot better than you expect and you can discover your new favorite artist.

Be aware of intermissions

When various artists are performing, often times the stage has to be set differently and it might take a while. Just enjoy your company or grab about snack- but don’t leave (it has happened to first time concert goers).

Be aware that concerts often start late

Artist can be divas or the tour bus didn’t arrive on time. It happens. Relax, it will all be worth it in the end


Carpooling is a great. Split the gas, split the parking fees and don’t have to worry as much for traffic. It’s a win-win.

Be prepared to spend money

There will be merchandise sold and munchies for everyone. You get into a different mood once your there and you might want buy a shirt!

Do go with people

Duh, it would be weird if you are there by yourself. At least take a buddy.

Stay hydrated

It is hot, drink water. We don’t want anyone to faint, don’t let that be you.

Check your shoes when exiting the bathroom

Well isn’t that embarrassing.

Charge your phone before you leave for the concert

I don’t know how many times this has happened to me, but it really sucks. You get separated from your group. Phone died. Great… now what?

Take a camera

Saves you phone battery and will be of better quality.

 21+: Get a buzzed but don’t get intoxicated

No one wants to take care of a drunk person and you want to remember the night. Its ok to have fun but know your limits.

Have a Designated Driver (DD)

With that said, if you are drinking be responsible enough to make sure the designated driver stays sobers or man up and volunteer (once in while). You want to get home safely and not be a danger to anyone on the street.

Check your purse

Double check your bag for only essentials. All the extra stuff- like keychain mace, pepper spray, umbrellas or safety hazardous, leave in your car.

Expect to have fun

Most importantly, go with enthusiasm and a good spirit!



  1. Leslie Valdivia says:

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  2. These tips only go for certain types of music – in the metal world, it’s very normal (and fun!) to go into a mosh pit and wear beanies. Also, you should go if you want to, whether you really know the artist or not. All support is welcome and you still paid for a ticket. Who are you to tell people not to go to a concert if they want to?

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