Concert Review: Caked Up at District 30 – January 16th, 2014

D30 Caked UpDuring the week/weekend of January 16th to January 18th, District 30, a nightclub in Sacramento, has been celebrating its three year anniversary.  District 30 is located on K Street in the heart of much of the action downtown sees.  Somehow, some way I have missed this place even though I have had lunch or dinner at over half of the restaurants on K Street.  But I found it and went because I was super excited to hear Caked Up would be coming to town!

This being my first time at District 30, I feel compelled to write just a bit about it, for those of you who still haven’t made your way out to it yet.  Clubs struggle with space management.  You have to find a good place for the dance floor, plus speakers, and the DJ.  Then you add seating areas, a bar, and VIP booths.  The issue comes in how you floor plan it all to be most ideal for as many as possible.  District 30 does its best with its given space.  When you walk in the bar is on the right with booths on the left.  Once you are past that, you are left with a huge, expansive dance floor area and a spot for the performer.  In the far back is a larger, VIP booth area.  In some moments, this works well.  However, at the peak time of everyone in the building, the front area by the bar and booths is a choke point where if you were trying to get in or out, you may have some extreme difficulties in doing that.  There’s no way around it to be honest, but it is still annoying.  Security should do a better job of ensuring access in and out if people so desired that.

All that aside, the night was fantastic.  Caked Up had a 2 hour set from midnight to 2 AM.  I was partly surprised as I expected a slightly shorter set, but I am not complaining.  Caked Up is Oscar Wylde and Vegas Banger.  The two DJs specialize in trap music in particular, though they do have the musical prowess to dabble in other stretches of EDM.  Throughout the night they dropped some of their own songs they made or remixed, along with songs and remakes by others including Flosstradamus’ “Mosh Pit”.  I expected the dance floor to turn into a mosh pit, or something.  But people weren’t as excited for that track as they were for “Turn Down For What.”  Still, Caked Up dropped tons of great tracks including some of their remixes on Passenger, Katy Perry, Miley Cyrus and more.

It was a great night with great music.  Loved seeing those two.  Something I saw that I’m not sure if everyone else saw was the synergy between Oscar Wylde and Vegas Banger.  Sharing a set requires a great deal of synergy and knowledge of the person on stage with you.  They are on point with their music and show a lot of passion – something not necessarily in short supply in the electronica world, but still nice to see all the same.  Check them out when you can!  Their soundcloud (linked below) has quite a few free tracks for you to pick up and party to.

Caked Up:    Facebook   –   Twitter   –   Soundcloud


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