Single on Valentine’s Day

valentines day solo

Love is in the air. Convenience stores are filled with hearts and chocolate. Couple are (lovingly) squeezing the life out of each other. It is February, the month of love. Within this month is Valentine’s day, a day that everybody thinks they need a date or a significant other, but what about us single people? What do we do on Valentine’s day? Personally, I do what every other single human does. I get up, stretch, open the blinds to a beautiful sunrise, walk into my bathroom, look at myself and say, “You are alone.”

I’m just kidding, that would be sad. I am a single man. So what do I do on Valentine’s day? Whatever I want! I can go out skateboarding all day without having to worry about texting my  “sweetie” or buy flowers for my “babe.” Sure, I wont be able to get a kiss or any physical sensation from a lady, but I can lay my lips upon a nice bowl of ice cream which I do not have to share because why? Because I am single! On Valentine’s day, I plan on doing whatever my young heart desires. Skate, play drums, dance, party, sleep, eat; the list can go on and on.

The_Single_Valentine_by_AntoineBruceA lot of single people mope around and cry, “Oh, another Valentine’s day and I’m alone.” All I have to say to them is Y.O.L.O. For you whiners, do not spend your Valentine’s Day wishing you could have a Valentine. Instead, go spend it with other people that make you happy or do things that bring you joy the other three hundred and sixty four days of the year. Even though it hasn’t gotten here yet, I know for sure that I am going to spend my Valentine’s with the love of my life. She has a nice body, an eight and quarter inch waist, two big trucks, and four wheels to roll on. Her name is “Skateboard” and on this February fourteenth, I’m going to ride her all day.


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