Super Bowl or Super Bust?


This last Sunday marked one of the biggest events in professional sports, Super Bowl XLVIII. Everyone had high expectations for this game as the top 2 teams, the Denver Broncos and the Seattle Seahawks, proved their way through the regular season to get the chance to be able to take the Lombardi trophy home and be called champions. Personally, I had the Broncos winning it all 27-21. I figured Peyton Manning was on a run of destiny and would come out on top capping off an extraordinary season for Manning and the Broncos.

This game was a complete mess from the get-go for the Denver Broncos. The very first play of the game there was confusion at the line of scrimmage on the snap count, and the football was hiked over Manning’s head into the end zone resulting in a safety for the Seattle Seahawks Defense. That first play would set the tone for the rest of the game as the Seahawks continued battling by marching down the field on their first drive that set up a field goal for Steven Hauschka.

seahawks killing itThe Broncos could not seem to get anything going as their first drive ended in a 3-and-out punt to the Seahawks. After the first score of the game the Seahawks momentum carried on in the next few drives as they were able to put up two more field goals, and the Seahawks defense was able to force another turnover by intercepting one of Manning’s “Ducks” as Richard Sherman would call it. By the end of halftime the Seahawks had run up the score 22-0.

Going into halftime you would think the Broncos would make the necessary adjustments to come back and fight to stay in the game. Quite the oppostite happened. Starting off the second half the Seahawks retained possession of the ball, and Seahawk’s  star wideout Percy Harvin ran the kickoff back for 87 yards and a touchdown. This score basically sealed the win for the Seahawks as they went up 29-0.

The Denver Broncos did not show up to play as the Seahawks defense would continue to stop the prolific mile-high offense in the second half. Turnovers were the major factor that played into this game. The Seahawks defense accumulated a total of four turnovers over the course of the game including a pick-six by Linebacker and MVP Malcolm Smith in the first half. Manning finally found Demaryius Thomas in the end zone for a 14-yard touchdown in the 4th quarter to erase the chance of becoming the first team to get shut out in the Super Bowl.

Nobody expected the Seahawks to shutout one of the greatest quarterbacks of all time. The Seahawks came out hungry and stole the spotlight superbowl 2 use this oneaway from the Broncos. The last thing that any football fan would have expected was the final blowout score of 43-8 as the number one defense in the National Football League completely dominated the number one offense. This just goes to show that defense ALWAYS wins in the end.


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