5 Inexpensive Things to do On Valentine’s Day


It’s that time again- flowers, cards and candies- Valentine’s Day. On a budget this year though? No problem! From romantic night to thoughtful gifts, here are some inexpensive things to do with a tight budget on Valentine’s Day!

1) Have a romantic dinner and a movie… at home! Rent the latest Redbox movie, hit the pasta aisle in the store and stop at the Dollar Tree or Target heart cinnamon bunsfor some scented candles and done! Invite you boo for romantic evening or your girlfriends for a girl’s night in!

2) Get crafty! Make a collage, scrapbook or oversized card for your significant other or your BFF. Get creative and use things around the house to include in your project. And if it’s for your BFF, it is even more fun making it together!Sacramento-Capitol-Building-at-night

3) Nothing says romantic more than stroll in the moonlight. After dark, take your significant other out for a walk and don’t forget your coat! Places with trails and open grass are great- the Capitol Park in Sacramento is the perfect place.

4) Try something new together. Either stop at the restaurant you been eyeing next to CVS or the small ice cream shop downtown. You don’t have to go all-out to have a great time. Discovering something new you both may end up loving (or hating) is part of the experience.

loveletter5) Tell someone how much you love and appreciate them in a unique way! I truly believe we don’t express how much we truly care about our family, friends and loved ones, so make it your mission for that day to do so. Call, email, tweet or even send a handwritten letter to your mom, brother, cousin, grandpa, friend, significant other, other loved ones- and tell them they are loved not just on Valentine’s Day, but every day!



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