Valentines Day: Then vs. Now


Valentines Day was always that special holiday that no one gets a day off for, but still gets acknowledged. It’s a day of love, where guys buy women chocolates that’ll never be eaten, or women get mad because they didn’t get said chocolates. Where couples go out or people confess feelings. Love it or hate it, you will be surrounded by love, every February 14th of your life. But like all things in your life, it changes.

I’m going to look back to where times were simpler, elementary school, and compare it to the adult days now.


Valentines Day in elementary school was always exciting. Everyone (for the most part) was happy, due to the fact that we were all kids, and were all single. There was no self loathing beacuse you didn’t have another person to spend it with, because well, you were most likely going to spend it with your ps2 or gamecube later that evening. School consisted of little giggling girls that will never tell the boys their feelings, and boys that were intimidated by those girls. But again, it doesn’t matter, no one was really ever serious about dating because well, we were kids. School was exciting because we all knew we were going to kill an hour of class eating candy and passing out cards. If your school was like mine, then you also knew you would get a delicious sprinkled heart-shaped cookie. Bottom line, life was great.

Flash forward to now. Colleges don’t really acknowledge or care about Valentines Day, except you have little sorority tables set up asking you to buy little Valentines Day stuff so they can raise money for whatever coven-like things sororities do. There’s definitely more self-loathing in the air from when we were kids. From people moping around because they’re single and can’t find someone, or single and the person they have feelings for is already taken, or single and just too scared to confess feelings because there is a lot on the line, depression among single people is common around Valentine’s Day. Even those who are just going to end up spending the evening with their PS3 that evening, there’s still a hint of self loathing due to the fact that they can’t afford a PS4. And single people, you’re not the only people that may dread Valentines day, couples dread it too. Guys have to worry about getting their girlfriends flowers or stuffed animals, or something else sweet, and have to figure out where to go or places to eat. They have to make sure their girlfriend is satisfied, or there might be some arguing about how they “never do anything special anymore.” Women now have to worry about maintenance, shaving their legs or waxing their upper lip; they want to look good for a date that they don’t even know will be good or not. No more worry-free nights, or breaks during class. More than likely, you probably have homework or an exam to study for. No more free heart-shaped cookies. Only reality shaped nothings.

Valentine’s Cards

This was always the best part of valentines day. Passing out cards during class! In elementary school, it was always cool seeing what kind of cards people brought. It was always an expression of a kids’ personality. Like, “Oh, this kid likes Rocket Power too!” or “Oh, this kid got the expensive foil Disney cards, cool!” Getting a Valentine’s card from your crush was always like fireworks or whatever other glorious thing there was in the world. Looking for any signs that they might like you back, like a smile when they were giving it to you or a little extra drawn out heart or message on the card they gave you. The act of passing out cards was always fun. Anything was better than social studies or math.

spidey vday card

rugrats vday card

No one passes out cards now. Well unless you want to get overpriced Hallmark cards from Target or something. But for the most part, money is spent on other things. Before, your mom or dad had to spend about 7 bucks for a box of Valentines cards. Now, couples spend much much more money than $7. But let’s not talk about all of that. In today’s day and age, the internet is ruled by comedic memes that people create when they’re bored. So Valentine’s Day cards now are just simply awesome. You’ve might of seen them floating around some where on Facebook, but here are some valentines day meme cards:

han solo vday card

leo vday

dumbledore vday

be meinPretty funny right? Of course the internet would make something like this.

Valentines Day may have changed over the years, but it’s still a day to celebrate love. And no one should ever beat themselves up over it-  just ignore the Facebook or instagram posts, and just relax!

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