My Valentine’s Day


Since I am single, I don’t do anything that romantic on Valentine’s Day. I don’t do anything special except for wishing everyone a great “Happy Valentine’s Day.”

Moreover, this day is also my grandma’s birthday, so I will also be busy preparing for the birthday party. I like to be the person behind the curtains, preparing and planning everything for the big event. Therefore, I am always helping my mother and my aunts, in doing what they ask or assisting them on anything. Valentine’s Day is a love day so I am always excited for the birthday celebration because there will be much love to give away during the party. I also love to read the Valentine cards that my younger siblings receive from school. I unfold the cards with them to read the cards and compliment how cool the card is.

watching moviesI am not a romantic person but I like sharing my love with everyone. Then at the last hours of the night, the couples of the family, such as my aunt Mary and her boyfriend, Uncle Dou and his girlfriend, and my parents, would leave to celebrate the rest of the day, leaving us, the kids, with my grandma. My other aunts and uncles along with my sibling, we would suggest movies and watch them all night long. We would have ice cream, cake, and leftover food from the birthday party. Then we will sleep after the long day. That’s how my I spend my Valentine Day. I spend it with the ones I love, my family, and enjoy laughter, eating good junk food, and watching movies all night long.


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