Album Review: “Bad Things” – Bad Things


Now that the Snowboarding Halfpipe event at the Sochi Olympics is over, you may be feeling that there’s not enough Shaun White  in your life anymore. Well, lucky for you, the two-time Olympic gold medalist snowboarder is in a band, Bad Things, and they just released their debut album on January 21st. A perfect remedy for those post-Olympic-Halfpipe blues.

Contrary to what you might have guessed, White is not trying to transition from famous athlete to famous rockstar frontman. While he takes on the duties of lead guitar, lead vocals come from bandmate Davis LeDuke. They are joined by Anthony Sanudo on guitar, Jared Palomar on bass, and Lena Zawaideh on the drums. Although formed fairly recently, the quintet has already signed on with Warner Brothers Records, played a few live shows, and even appeared at Lollapalooza back in August.


Upon listening to their self-titled debut album, I was thoroughly impressed. While it may have been easy to get away with promoting an album entirely on White’s fame, Bad Things prove that they have real talent. LeDuke’s commanding vocals are complimented perfectly by Zawaideh’s pleasant backing vocals. Full of catchy hooks, enchanting harmonies, driving guitars, and beats that will move you to dance, the entire album is laced with earworm tracks.

The album’s first single, “Anybody”, has an indie rock feel reminiscent of Kaiser Chiefs while their second single, “Caught Inside”, has more pop elements similar to the style of fellow LA-band, The Colourist. My personal favorite track, “Saturday Night”, combines these two elements and showcases the band’s overall vibe. You can watch the official video for “Caught Inside”, which they just uploaded two days ago, below.

Bad Things is a great listen and an exciting introduction to the band. Now that the Olympics are coming to an end and White’s schedule is hopefully clearing up, keep your ears open for an upcoming tour. Bad Things is a show I definitely would not want to miss.

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