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It happens at least once to everyone. Someone on your friends list abuses the space on your news feeds to the point that you can no longer take it. For me it has happened a few times and many when I’ve gotten this close to unfollowing. Here are some of the things I find very annoying (and I hope some you can agree with me on some of these); therefore I think you should think twice next time you post something on your fave social media outlet.

People-taking-food-pics91) Take a picture of every meal you cook/eat and post it at least once every day. Unless its something super expensive, looks irresistibly delicious or maybe made my grandma, I couldn’t care less about your post-workout meal.

2) Put pictures of illegal substances. Especially if you are trying to land a job. Avoid the “poppin bottles” pic, even more when you are underage. And I don’t want to see your pile of weed every time be you be rolling it up.6seemslegit

3) An OOTD/Selfie…. EVERY SINGLE DAY. Unless you are a fashion guru and therefore it’s your job to do so, or once in a while isn’t bad either.

4) Dumping your feelings on your FB status or having no filter in what you say. No need to explain this one, we’ve all seen it.

5) Too Much PDA. Hey, I am glad you’ve found the love of your life but you don’t need to tell me about it every weekend. Plus, I don’t think single people appreciate it how much you remind them of how lonely they are.

6) Posting consecutive pics of the same/similar things. Oh that’s cute- you and the BFF, going out to dinner, posing…. for the seventh time.

pa fb post7) Bashing on our people without being direct. This happens a lot, especially when it’s a recent break up.

Social media is fun, just use it wisely.



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